The logo of Metapedia. The sculpture fools naive Internet users to make the website seem cultured. And his neck's almost as long as Anne Coulter's

Metapedia is an Encyclopedia for Paleo-conservatives, Traditionalists, New-Righters, Fascist, Nationalist, Racists, anti-Marxists and Christian-Fundamentalists. They imagine Adolf Hitler was good.

Metapedia, much like other Neo-Nazi sites, will dress itself up as an intellectual, civilized, and rational site. So it tries to romanticize words and phrases into making People believe that it is a credible site. Many of these sites feature articles and studies from thoroughly debunked books, journals, and scholars and will present debunked material as Fact.


Metapedia doesn't think much of Wikipedia and writes:

Wikipedia is a far-left and Judeocentric, multilingual Wiki project, censured by an internal bureaucracy of tribal editing clans to conform to a largely neo-Marxist and Zionist viewpoint. While the sheer multitude of articles means that some pieces fall outside of this paradigm, where it matters most Jewish ethnocentrism is enforced. [1]

Despite their low opinion of Wikipedia their editors simply copy and past original Wikipedia pages and alter them to fit their beliefs. Talk about ingenuity...


These people have many hateful opinions on subjects like race, nationality, and politics, most of them strongly anti-Liberal, anti-Socialist and Racist, in that, they believe that Asians are smarter than Whites.

Metapedia views Homosexuality as a perversion. They believe that the Gay rights campaign will somehow lower the birth rate in areas with gay rights, which doesn't make any sense. There is no known mechanism in which giving gays rights will somehow cause people to become gay. In contradiction to that, they later state that the Gene "Xq28" may cause homosexuality.

The Internet has recently been used for racist purposes. Those Websites are really full of a mixture of hatred and stupidity.

Most of the 'information' provided in articles do not have any factual links or sources to back them up.

And many of those "proud to be White" racists have just that little non-white Admixture they don't know about, that's just one piece of stupidity.

Race and intelligence

Racists often believe that a person of a mix of two races takes lower intelligence. In that case, everyone's IQ would be 54 since racial mixing has always happened. [2] Now, 54 looks like the IQ of those who believe in this unreasonable stuff but let's look at reality. Racial mixing increased dramatically during the last few centuries, especially the 20th Century and the 21st Century as improving technology brought people of different ethnicities or racial groups into contact with each other. At the same time, average IQ’s have been increasing; this is known as the Flynn effect. Racial mixing certainly isn’t reducing intelligence and could be increasing it. There is no clear link between racial mixing and increasing intelligence, according to the two papers cited here. Some countries where there has been high immigration with plenty of chances for people to meet attractive partners of other races have a high Flynn effect while other countries where there has been racial mixing have relatively low Flynn effect. [3][4] There is a case that racial mixing benefits humanity because mutations happen in all human populations but racial mixing allows favourable mutations including mutations that increase intelligence that happen in one racial or cultural group to spread to other groups. [5]

And we can guarantee many Metapedia users have just that bit of Non-white Admixture they don't know about.

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