We exaggerate just a little sometimes.

A relief map of Mexico.

Mexico is the country south of the USA. It is a country that is more conservative and more underdeveloped than the United States. In recent times, there has been a massive wave of immigration from Mexico and other Latin American countries to the United States. Much of this immigration is illegal. Mexico and other Latin American countries such as Colombia have been ravaged by gang violence between drug cartels. Immigrants have come to the United States in order to get jobs but recently migration has been mostly the other way back to Mexico.

Mexican cartels illegally transport drugs into the United States. Drugs being illegal is at least partially to blame for the violence. Since this drug trade is illegal, it cannot be regulated by the government. Anyone involved with the drug trade will not report crimes. If they did, they themselves could be jailed, or other cartel members could kill them.

Famous Mexicans include Carlos "The Jackal" Santana, Zack De La Rocha, Eva Longoria and Speedy Gonzales.

This entry perpetuates ignorance and it is clearly written from a western ethnocentric view. Please consider critically revising it.

New Mexico is also a US State.

The "Planet" Mexico?

Don't take everything we write seriously.

It is a popular belief that Mexico is actually a planet. El Chapulin Colorado said so during a rally at some anime convention. FBI RETRACTED STATEMENT: WE ARE STILL WATCHING YOU. (what did that have to do with anything?)

George W. Bush's view of Mexico

Our former President in America had a slightly different view of Mexico. For some reason he felt that Mexico shared border relations with Canada, therefore sending us back to 1825 when it did. But after the Iraq War, we all know Dubya was inept at time, like most conservatives.