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Michael Savage is an ultra-Conservative radio talk show host who broadcasts out of San Francisco. He does rarely have *some* good views, however his overall tone of 'liberal is evil' mentality makes the show hard to listen to. Bernard Goldberg thinks he's screwing up America.

On autism: He has made it quite clear that he thinks autistic children choose to scream and that it's all because their dads never told them to STFU. Pretty much everybody hated on him for that. He also believes ADHD and OCD were made up by the pharmaceutical companies for 'a big buck'.

Some of his good views:

  • inclusion of Atheists in the American political system
  • promotion of first amendment rights
  • anger over Bush's Illegal Occupation in Iraq

Some of his religious fundamentalist views:

The UK doesn't want Savage in their country, America can keep him. [1]

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