Michigan is a state in the US that borders several of the Great lakes. It is home to the once proud American auto-industry that has lagged behind foreign cars mainly because of the Republicans' lack of care for the working class. Michiganders have kept the Social Democrat John Dingell in power as one of their Representatives since 1955, with no interruptions to his service - unquestionable proof that Michigan is a fine state indeed. Michigan is an industrial state with a large African-American population that has contributed to the culture there.

Major Cities

  • Lansing- capital and home to crazy Conservative Rick Snyder,vwho was governor until 2019.
  • Detroit- a city of skyscrapers, home of the auto-industry made proud by GM and Ford and then destroyed by conservatives. Detroit is now home to Detroit Soup, a project where people eat a basic meal with soup and vote on projects which can help improve Detroit. [1]
  • Ann Arbor- one of the most liberal towns in the US. Penalty for marijuana possession is as low as a $25 fine. We're not sure if that's good or bad.

Also home of the University of Michigan.


  • Cars
  • Parts for cars
  • Did we already mention cars?


  • It looks like a hand
  • The upper peninsula also looks like a hand
  • There are lots of lakes
  • It is close to Canada, but they still cannot get universal health care


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