Homosexuality Crime Fighter is a superhero to many Christian Families.

Here we're parodying Conservapedia, and we know we're exaggerating.

Mike Pence (also known Religious Man, Christian Man and Homosexuality Crime Fighter.) was born in 58 years ago, probably on a farm with the strictest parents in American history. He was the former Vice-President of the United States under The Privileged Orange Boy. Before he was Vice-President, he was Governor of the State of Indiana, which voted for Obama in 2008. If Trump had gotten removed from office after he was impeached for the second time relating to his alleged role in the Capitol riot, Pence would've been sworn in as President for the shortest time. He is defined as a somewhat extreme Conservative Christian. He interestingly decided to break with Trump recently, shooting down his false idea that the Vice President could overturn an election directly.

As of 2021, Pence has lost his seat of Vice President to Kamala Harris. He has also refused to trigger the 25th Amendment against our Commander in Cheetodust.

Early Life

Note: This is just for fun

Mike Pence was born 58 years in the rust belt. His parents were Extreme Christians that hated anything that was against their religion. Mike Pence was forced to pray to god or else no video games. His parents' extreme religious view made him want he is today, a homophobic governor of Indiana and Vice-President since Dump wants Christian Sharia.

Political Views

Mike Pence is generally considered a hard right Conservative Christian, and he himself has fully supported that notion, stating "I'm a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order." However, as of early January 2021's events, it seems that the true order is American, Christian, Conservative, and Republican, in that order, as he stated to Trump's face a rejection of the false assertion that the Vice President could overturn the election. As such, he seems to not hold too much to the idea that the party's members should hold true to the head, at least all the time. However, it should be noted, he decided against triggering the 25th Amendment against Donald Trump later.

Global Trade

In opposition to his running mate, Mike Pence supported international trade deals, and indeed was a proponent of NAFTA in the past.

Firearms Legislation

Mike Pence has been a somewhat notable supporter of the Second Amendment in the past, although recently he's been rather quiet on such things, despite recent events.

LGBT (Gay Rights)

Mike Pence is a vocal and strident opponent of same sex relations, and generally dislikes them on principle. This is likely due to his Christian background and Conservative ties.

In 2000, his campaign website stood against recognization of gays as a minority, in 2007 he voted against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act,

Patriot Act

Mike Pence supported an extension to the Patriot Act and indeed called it 'essential to our continued success in the war on terror here at home"[1] in one Congressional session.

Previous Supports/Denouncements

He supported Bill Schuette for U.S. Governor of Michigan in 2018. [2]