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Minnesota is far to the north of the United States bordering Canada. The state is also near the Great Lakes. In winter, it is the coldest state in the continental United States, and second overall (Alaska). Many of the Americans who live there are of Norwegian descent because the cold weather reminds them of home, there still is a Minnesotan-Norway trail. [1] Other Minnesotans are of Swedish or German descent, all three countries tend to have cold winters. PZ Myers lives and works in Minnesota; he's of Swedish and Norwegian descent. [2]

Minnesotans, through evolution, have developed an immunity to the cold harsh climate, and, in fact, some claim to enjoy it, although Minnesota does have warm summers, as in 38°C (100°F).

Minnesota's capital city is St. Paul and the largest city is neighboring Minneapolis.

In addition, Minnesota was the only state (besides Washington D.C., which isn't even a state) that didn't vote for Ronald Reagan in 1984, instead voting for Walter Mondale (who lived in Minnesota), making it one of the best states in the Union. It is technically a swing state due to close polling, but Republicans created this terminology in an attempt to gloat since Minnesota has consistently voted Democrat since 1960, which was the year the Republican Party began to implode. The current governor is Mark Dayton.

The people of Minnesota have a weird sense of humor, shown by the election ofMichele Bachmann to Congress, although since she serves in the House of Representatives, she was only elected by the citizens of Minnesota living in a tiny area of the state, not the entire state.


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