Misandry is defined as the hatred of, or cruelty towards, men. If someone hates someone else who happens to be a man, that does not make that person a misandrist. Hating men in general or hating someone who happens to be a man just because he is a man is misandry.

Misandry and misogyny compared

Misandry is seemingly less prevalent than misogyny, because in most societies men have more power and can harm women more. Men are sometimes Stereotyped as aggressive, violent and unfeeling. In reality the stereotype applies only to a minority of men.


Adult women are typically more powerful than boys and can sometimes discriminate against boys. For example a mother can keep telling a son that he takes after his supposedly bad father and damage the son's self respect. The dictionary definition of misandry refers only to hatred of men but boys do sometimes need protection from misandric women. [1]


Chicks rule misandry.jpg

Liberapedia doesn't know the origin of the cartoon on the right, it could be from men's groups wanting to show women in a bad light.

  1. The cartoon could show Misandry.
  2. The cartoon could also show misogynist men trying to denigrate women.

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  1. A bigger problem probably is the way girls are treated in paternalistic societies, there typically adults of both sexes teach girls an inferior role.