Misogyny is sexism primarily against women. Misogyny is a type of discrimination against women. If someone hates someone who happens to be a woman, that does not make them a misogynist. In the same way, if someone hates someone who happens to be black, that does not make them a racist. However, if someone hates someone because they are black, or hates them because they are a woman, that makes them a racist of misogynist, or maybe an anti-miscegenist misogynist (there are lots of big words invented to keep from calling asses asses).

Women looking after children

In most families the mother plays a bigger part in looking after the Children than the father. This happens in all Human societies across cultures and is Biologically based. In all species of Mammals the mother cares for the offspring. Women's role looking after children is no reason to denigrate women, women are doing vital work raising the next generation and should get respect for this. In reality misogynistic men look down on women for their work with children, women are imagined as inferior when they take time off work because they are Pregnant or when they need time off work to care for a sick child. Employers too often assume it is right to discriminate against women workers because of their obligations to the next generation. Such discrimination should be illegal.

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