Addison Mitchell McConnell
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Senator McConnell
Political Party: Republican
Alma mater: University of Louisville

University of Kentucky

Religion Southern Baptist
Other names Turtle Boy, Moscow Mitch McConnell, the Snitch, McConHell, Koch/Kochain Addict, Cocaine Addict

Mitch McConnell, also known as Turtle boy and Moscow Mitch, is an United States Senator who is from Kentucky, and the former Senate Majority Leader.

He HATED Obama and wanted to make Obama's Presidency a failure and stop him from getting a second term but he didn't succeed. He did manage to obstruct Obama's progress, and is one of the politicians most responsible for partisan polarization in the US.

He fell in love with the filibuster, while his Party was in the minority, and used it to block very many bills that the United States Senate tried to pass, including a bill he himself proposed. As majority leader, he refused to allow bills originateing in the House of Representatives to even be debated. He just likes obstructing anything that any Democrat, or non-kleptocrat, supports. He also LOVES Trump and he will support anything that he and his Party supports. McConnell may be the most corrupt and partisan senator in the United States congress. He's now minority leader.

Mitch McConnell is one of the worst approved senators in the country [1].

Moscow Mitch

The trend "Moscow Mitch" began in 2019 after McConnell had blocked two bills willing to protect the United State's electoral system from hackers. McConnell unfortunately, revealed himself to be yet another Russian asset in the White House as soon as he refused to bring up both bills for a vote.

Stephen Colbert nicknames

  • "Senate former Majority Leader and man trying to keep a bird from escaping his mouth Mitch McConnell."
  • "Senate former Majority Leader and unacknowledged love child of Admiral Ackbar, Mitch McConnell."
  • "Senate former Majority Leader and man describing the size of his prostate Mitch McConnell."
  • "Senate former Majority Leader and man being told they stopped serving breakfast at 11 a.m. Mitch McConnell."