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Monkeys are Primates like Apes and Humans (we are a type of ape). Most monkeys live in Trees but some like Baboons live mostly on the ground. Old world monkeys and New world monkeys are both called, (you've guessed it) monkeys though they aren't closely related. Old world monkeys live mostly in Africa and Asia while new world monkeys live in South America. [1]


Are we descended from monkeys? Our closest living relative is an ape, the Chimpanzee. Monkeys and apes are descended from a common ancestor that was also our ancestor. [2] [3] Apes and monkeys became separate groups 25 to 30 Million years ago. [4]

Clever monkeys

Some monkeys have been taught to recognise themselves in a mirror. That's something few Animals can do. Once they could recognise themselves what did they do? They had a good look at their genetals and their bottoms. They wanted to know what those parts of their bodies looked like. [5]