The Near side of the moon

The Moon is the natural satellite of the Earth. The moon is the only place other than Earth where humans have landed. The surface of the moon has large relatively dark “Maria” which are lava fields and numerous impact craters caused by meteor bombardment.

On January 12 2018 it was announced that Scientists were able to find a cave system at the Moon's North Pole that may lead straight to its Lunar Water Supply[1]

What we see

What we see is the near side of the moon, or the side that is always faced towards Earth due to the Moon's synchronous rotation.

Westerners sometimes think they can see a man in the moon. Asian folklore (probably Japanese) tells the story of an apparently gigantic rabbit that somehow got stuck on the moon, and as a result, we now can see it chilling up there. If there really is anything in the Moon, it's obviously just a bunch of craters shaped like whatever.

Also, various accounts of cheese falling from the sky indicate that the moon may be constructed out of the dairy product.

Moons of other planets

Satellites of other planets are called moons. For example Jupiter’s largest moons are called the Galilean moons because Galileo discovered them.

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