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Humans are us. One of the great Apes, this species has done great atrocities. Humans is the common name for homo sapiens, but more properly refers to the genus "Homo". Homo sapiens means "wise man" in Latin. In more detail Humans evolved through the process of natural selection from a common ancestor with Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Orangutans, [1]

Walking upright and more

Humans are in the same great ape family as the chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans - with which they share a common ancestor. Modern humans spread from their African homeland some 70,000 years ago and have come to dominate every continent on Earth except Antarctica. As a behaviourally, socially and culturally diverse species, humans have developed art and complex languages. As a species humans cannot survive without tools. They are the only known species to build fires, cook food and clothe themselves.[2]

Humans walk upright. That frees our hands and arms to carry things and use tools. Humans need tools to survive. Humans need their large brains to use tools intelligently. Other animals have been observed using tools occasionally. Humans use tools routinely every day.

Homo sapiens

Humans are members of the species homo sapiens taken as a group. While not the most numerous species either in individual number or in biomass, they consider themselves the dominant species of their planet, which the majority of them call "Earth." This claim is quite possibly justified, seeing as they have covered a great deal of it with their own constructions. Sometimes they realize that they are destroying many of the resources they depend upon in the process but that doesn't stop them. That shows that humans aren't particularly wise.


Neanderthals probably mixed with modern humans in Europe [3]. Compared to modern racial differences, Neanderthals were very different, maybe even a separate species in the genus Homo (what qualifies a separate species is partially semantics as there are cases where different species can interbreed with fertile offspring). They mainly lived in Europe, so Europeans could be a little mixed species, despite claims of "racial purity".[4]


Many of them believe they were created by some sort of God, however, few agree upon exactly what form this god takes nor what his or her opinions on certain matters are. And increasing numbers are smart enough to realize that there is no evidence for god. Those who believe in Democracy think people should have Human rights.


Described by Agent Smith in the Matrix as a "virus".

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