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Major Shrine: The Prophetic Mosque
Tradition or genre: Sunnah
Regilion Islam
Born 12 of Rabi' al-Awwal c. 53 BH


Died 12 of Rabi' al-Awwal c. 11 AH


Muhammed is an alleged prophet who is best known for having founded a religion called Islam. Some branches of Islam are peaceful but others are barbaric. Muhammed flew to Heaven on a flying horse.

Aisha and other wives

He had more than a dozen wives out of whom his favourite was Aisha a girl whom according to some accounts, he married or was betrothed to when she was six and had sex with when she was nine. She was a child and still played with toys at the time of the marriage, her friends and playmates were children. Other accounts claim that Aisha was much older when she married and there is uncertaintuy about her age. [1] Between prayers the prophet used to have sex with his child bride or his adult wives and the semen would be washed off his clothes before he prayed. [2]


Most Muslims believe that people are not allowed to draw pictures of him, though some accept respectful images. [3] But don't tell the Danish.


This criticises Muhammad but Liberapedia notes many/most Muslims are better than what's described here. There are very many Muslims round the World who are decent people and better than what Donald Trump & James David Manning like to say.

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