The multiverse is the theory of a vast collection of parallel universes. This "multiverse" can be visualized by a bottle of soda with bubbles. The Big Bang could have happened because of some kind of event in the multiverse.

Many leading cosmologists believe that parallel universes are likely. There is even a controversial claim that an apparent void in the Constellation of Eridanus is evidence for a parallel universe. [1] [2] In some universes the physical constants may be the same as in ours. In others the physical constants may be different and beyond our understanding. Laws of science that we know simply may not apply there. We cannot imagine what laws of science may or may not apply there.

We cannot imagine what types of life may or may not be possible in parallel universes though scientists and science fiction writers try to imagine it. There could really be a parallel universe where the Aliens of the Flaming Red Sun are real and entities like humans live on a planet orbiting a different star about 4 light years away. I mean it. Two intelligent civilizations at roughly the same level of technical development that developed independently but are close together is very improbable. Despite this in an infinite multiverse it will happen! The aliens could be here as well!

Perhaps there is a parallel universe where the physical constants are so different and so wierd that conservatives are right.

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