Muse, They are the best band in the world. Or so the FBI says. . .

Muse is one of the bands that's currently not shitty. That's a good thing.

Not only are they British, but Matt Bellamy is an amazing guitarist, singer, and classical pianist (OMG NO WAIZ?!?!?). Unfortunately he looks a bit rattish. But that doesn't stop fangirls and straight men from fancying him.

Plus they sing about stuff like knights and aliens and the end of the world and overthrowing the government.

What's not to like?

Many suspect that the guitarist and the drummer are more than just friends, but lack of proof and girlfriends seems to disprove this theory.

ORIGINS (of symmetry!)

Many people think two of the members are actually from another planet [WTF!?] and that the other one is from the moon. Of course, since the FBI says otherwise, we all know it is not true!


MUSE does NOT copy Radiohead. That is what we hear from the FBI. They know everything!

If you mention such a thing to a Muse fan they will froth at the mouth, beat their chest and yell all day long about how Matt's falsetto is much different than Thom's.

Chris's Mustache

Contrary from popular Belief, Chris's pedro mustache left him for another man. That man's name cannot be disclosed in public for fear of Chris's revenge.

The FBI says that Chris never had a mustache. They say it's all British propaganda against the planet Mexico.

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