Nannyism probably isn't even a word but it represents a real potential Liberal problem, the Nanny State. The Liberal desire to protect individual rights or common property can be carried very far as in Western Europe and Scandinavia. For example, some Liberals want to restrict the freedom to own weapons based upon the actions of quite a few irresponsible individuals, (see Gabby Gifford for what can go wrong).

  • Some American Liberals see the right to own weapons as an essential natural right, and guaranteed by their Government.
  • Other American and European Liberals or Social democrats believe the Freedom of peaceful citizens to go about their lives without others using weapons to attack of frighten them is of paramount importance.

American Liberals who support the right to own and carry arms sometimes feel they need to do a better job of not only protecting, but also of educating and empowering American people. They feel a need to find a way to restrict availability of weapons to irresponsible individuals, and encourage responsible practices without burdening responsible weapon owners or restricting essential natural rights.

"That all Men are born equally free and independent, and have certain inherent natural Rights, of which they cannot by any Compact, deprive or divest their Posterity; among which are the Enjoyment of Life and Liberty, with the Means of acquiring and possessing Property, and pursuing and obtaining Happiness and Safety." George Mason

Liberals have to be very careful not to restrict Freedom unnecessarily in order to protect common property or individual rights. It’s likely there will always be disagreement between different liberals, social democrats and Socialists over how far freedom should be restricted. Hopefully somethging useful will emerge from discussion between different groups on the Left Wing.

Nannyism to Conservatives

Many Conservatives are quick to criticize liberals for their tendency towards Nannyism. Conservatives misrepresent Liberals belief in universal Human rights, equal access, and the need for respect for others and their opinions as a Liberal desire for equality of outcome and social equality.

Conservative criticism of nannyism also deflects criticism of conservatives. Calling liberal actions nannyism, implies that liberals are in what conservatives consider the socially inferior position of not merely the female parent, but the hired female caregiver, and subtly (for a conservative) implies the superiority of conservative Paternalism . The truth is that the nannyism that conservatives insist is the basis of liberalism, is only a conservative fiction, and a deflection intended to obscure the rampant Paternalism that's the basis of conservative thought.

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