The National Rifle Association, or NRA, is a conservative organization dedicated to allowing all Americans, no matter how delusional or mentally unstable, to own as many Guns as they want. The organization spends millions of dollars bribing Congressmen and women to oppose legislation that would regulate gun ownership or use in any way.

Mark Kelly is Married to Gabby Giffords whose career in Congress was cut short when a Gun nut shot her in the head causing lasting Brain damage. Kelly has accused the NRA and chief, Wayne LaPierre of accepting very many Millions of dollars annually from gun manufacturers and accused Wayne LaPierre personally of paying himself in 2012 a whopping big salary close to $1 million from this. [1]

LaPierre opposes improved background checks on people buying guns, though the majority of ordinary members of the NRA support background checks. [1] What sorts of people does he want to be carrying guns?

The NRA campaign for the right of every citizen to own an automatic assault rifle, and the right of every consumer to buy so-called "cop-killer" armor-piercing bullets. This is justified on the false premise that many deer now wear kevlar body armor in the woods. And you never know when you might be surrounded by a herd of crazed blood-lusting squirrels! Charlton Heston was the president of the NRA until he was forced to retire due to the onset of Alzheimer disease. Fortunately he didn't pick up a gun and do anything silly with it when he was suffering from Alzheimer's.

Sarah Palin [2] and Ted Cruz [3] have connections with the NRA.

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