A nativist is one who practices a form of populism characterized by the promotion of the rights and interests of those who are established residents over those of immigrants

The use of the term nativist may be unfamiliar to those outside of the United States, or unfamiliar with US history. The word nativist doesn't refer to actual natives or indigeneous people, but rather to those who were born within the Country. The United States is largely populated by immigrants and their descendants and at the time of our founding, the population was largely English speaking and Protestant. The early nativist movements in the US were for preserving that cultural and religious identity, in opposition of competition of new immigrants generally, in opposition of non-English speaking immigrants, and particullarly in opposition of Catholic immigration.. Since Americans of the time really had no identity as a nation-state, they defined themselves by the place of their nativity, and called themselves natives.  

Examples of Nativist

Dehumanizing and discrimination

Nativists typically praise the character and qualities of the native population while dehumanizing the opposed immigrant group by attacking their ethnicity, religion, culture, appearance, and character.  If empowered, nativists may try to deny naturalization, as well as Constitutionally mandated rights and protections to the opposed immigrants.