Nazis marked Jews with the Star of David

The Nazis, a.k.a. members of the National Socialist German Workers' Party or NSDAP, were a Fascist political movement that seized power in Germany in the early 1930s and established their leader, Adolf Hitler, as dictator. As was true of its Italian ideological model, Fascism in Germany was nationalist, miltiarist, anti-intellectual and contemptuous of parliamentary politics, with economic policies impossible to pin down the location of on the political spectrum, and blatant social ultraconservatism.

However it was also totlitarian, more racist, anti-semitic, mysogynist, and homophobic than Italian Fascism. Despite the way many modern Conservatives misrepresent things, Nazism was neither anti-religious nor pro-organized labor.

The Germans never called themselves Nazis: as the word 'Nazi' is a Bavarian word for 'Simple Minded' and so was considered insulting by those affiliated with the NSDAP. This term was used by their opponents, originally by their political party opponents in the 1920s before Hitler's actual rise to power. The Germans simply called themselves either German or National Socialists.


The original Nazi Party was founded in post-WWI Germany as the German Workers' Party in Bavaria, led by Anton Drexler. After Hitler took over, he renamed the Party to the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

Nazis got into power in 1933 and kept power until Germany lost World War II. Nazis managed to get elected into power through tricking the German public into believing that Jews, the French, the British and the Soviets were the cause of all the problems that developed after WWI and through 'removing' anyone who stood in their way.

Later in the Second World War sane people could see that Germany was losing. Even saner Nazis could see the Germans were losing. Hitler couldn't bring himself to surrender. He preferred it if more and more of his beloved German Aryans were being killed as the war carried on. In the end Hitler chickened out and killed himself. See Hitler and pretend patriotism

Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi party of Germany

Why Germans became Nazis

In Germany during the 1930s many were Poor Unemployed and desperate. There was not even enough to eat. Many of the unemployed couldn’t feed themselves or their families. Others feared starvation would happen to them if they lost their jobs or when their savings ran out. The need for basic food, i.e. Bread was so urgent for so many that the Nazi party’s anthem and the second National Anthem of Nazi Germany included the line, ”Der Tag für Freiheit und für Brot bricht an!“ (The day arises for freedom and for bread.) The Nazis also pretended people would get freedom and once the true nature of Nazi Tyranny and Totalitarianism became clear it was hard to do anything about it. Hitler offered what he pretended was a solution. At first under the Nazis there was more work and more to eat for those Germans who were considered Aryan. Later in the Second World War the horrors for Germans and others were far worse than what happened during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Under Social Democratic systems poor people are better looked after. For example, there is Universal Health Care and unemployment benefit. Therefore, poor people are less likely to choose extremist parties and vote for extremists or fight for extremists. A Social democratic Welfare state helps protect Democracy.

National "Socialist" Party

The socialist in the party's name is used by many modern day rightists too deny the fact Nazis were a right wing party (despite the fact they have arrested, tortured and executed any liberal, social democrat, communist, Union organizer, or socialist they could get their hands on).

It's all a bit confusing, and has a lot to do with the eventual leader of the NAZI Party, Adolf Hitler. After WWI, corporal Hitler was assigned to infiltrate a political organization headquartered in Munich called the German Workers' Party. The German Army wanted to investigate any possible communist leanings in recently created political parties. The German Workers' Party would eventually become the National Socialist German Workers' Party (called the Nazi Party in modern media) and the infiltrator Hitler would become it's leader. No doubt, there were socialist elements within the early Nazi party, especially within the SA (the original paramilitary organization of the Nazi's) and some of Hitler's writing and speeches from early on can be interpreted as somewhat Socialist, especially when he was writing or speaking to the SA, but who knows if he ever believed that or was just acting as an agent provocateur.

It's sort of tough to figure out, because Hitler was obviously willing to be deceptive. Hitler eventually stopped being an infiltrating agent, took over the party, and led it until his death. The National Socialists kept their name, but once in power, they brutally murdered the leadership of the SA, and the only thing Socialist they seem to have kept was their name. The Nazis did nothing which would characterize a Socialist organization while in power, and were in fact totally intolerant of all left wing ideologies and left wing politicians. When we say intolerant, we mean intolerant. They sought them out and killed them whenever they had the chance.

According to conservative logic, we could assume the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (a far right ultra nationalist party) is liberal or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is democratic just because of their name.

We hope it's pretty obvious to you by now that Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party were a far right, ultraconservative political movement. All of this begs the question, if someone claims Adolf Hitler and Nazism are left, just how far on the right are they, and why would you even consider believing them?

Queer as Volk?

Pseudo historian and holocaust revisionist and right wing Jesus freak, Scott Lively, has authored a book called The Pink Swastika that claims the Nazi movement was started in a gay bar in Munich, that Hitler was gay and that the idea of gays being persecuted in the concentration camps is a myth by gay activists to create sympathy for them, this is similar to other types of Holocaust denial. Needless to say, every single claim in this book has been debunked by every real historian who took any interest.

Groups The Nazis Targeted

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