Greater German Reich
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Government: Dictatorship
Capital: Berlin

A physical map of Germany (modern borders).

Nazi Germany, also known as the Third Reich, was a neoconservative nation which existed from 1933 to 1945. It was led by Adolf Hitler. The Nazi regime was responsible for the death of over twelve million people which included Jews, homosexuals, Roma, Jehovah's witnesses etc, see Holocaust. Hitler's policy of worldwide German domination led to World War II which saw the death of more than sixty million people.

During the establishment of the Nazi Germany, far right political parties in various European nations supported the Nazi regime. Nazi Germany operated several tools of political repression like the Gestapo. Nazi Germany was a master of propaganda. They used this extensively to draw public opinion towards them. The evil regime collapsed at the end of the World War II.

This is nazi Germany at it height

This is Nazi Germany at it height

However, the Nazis were just a little bit liberal in one restricted area. The Nazi Germany intentionally did away with the system of aristocratic class privilege present in the Second Reich though this hardly compensated for the terrible harm they did in other areas. Hitler intentionally avoided contact with the former Crown Prince Wilhelm when Germany occupied the Netherlands in 1940, reportedly calling him an idiot for thinking that the Nazis had any intention of restoring the old German monarchy. Of course, this sense of revolutionary egalitarianism was channeled through the limitations of its racial criteria so well attributed to the Nazis. In any case, Nazi Germany was also reactionary in the sense that it intended to restore Germany to imperial dominance, and certainly in its reinstatement of slavery for "inferior races", to say nothing of their barbaric use of extermination camps. 

All that stuff aside, the Germans had one of the most incredible military organizations the world has ever seen! They had Panzers, Stukas, Type VIIC U-boats, Erwin Rommel, MP-40s, Bf109s, SS-Panzer Divisions, etc. It is really interesting stuff. But they lost anyway. Warning: Being interested in this stuff might make conservatives label you a Nazi to cover their own misgivings.a

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