Neal Anderson Rowland is very-well known for coining the "Freedom Fries" term. .

Neal Rowland was the current owner of the now defunct private sector fast-food restaurant called "Cubbie's" in Beaufort, North Carolina. After the decision of President George W. Bush to invade Iraq not being supported by France when he saw the news about it on February 19, 2003, he began to sell his French fries as "Freedom Fries" . The idea came to mind when he and a history teacher discussed World War I and how anti-German sentiment had also come from that war such as frankfurters were called hot dogs instead. He claimed that he didn't intend to go against the French but to be supportive of Bush and of course, he is a Republican himself. He also brought across that Beaufort is around Fort Macon, a Coast Guard base in that area. His "Freedom Fries" have been such a hit with patrons and regular customers that he still currently has that name although it was losing popularity. Even Congressman Walter B. Jones, who represents North Carolina's 3rd Congressional District that Beaufort is a part of, said it was the right thing to do by turning against the Iraq War and also the "Freedom Fries", wishing that episode had never happened. Rowland responded by saying he wouldn't vote for Jones ever again and even took down a picture of Jones with Rowland. [1]

Thank God Cubbie’s in both Beaufort and Morehead City closed down.

Personal life

A lifelong resident of North Carolina, Rowland has lived in Morehead City , North Carolina where he currently lives, Beaufort, North Carolina, Newport, North Carolina, and Greenville, North Carolina.