Neo-Nazi is the name given to Nazis who continue to practice the political ideology after its political elimination following World War Two. More than 40 million people were killed in the European theatre of Second World War, initiated by Nazi Germany. Neo-Nazis promote "psuedo-scientific Racism" which they use to discriminate against ethnic minorities. Neo-Nazism is a political ideology which has its roots in Nazism promoted by Adolf Hitler. Today it involves such ideas as Holocaust denial.

The most popular Neo-Nazi site is Stormfront, which has a large membership of Trolls and also Slavic people. This is notable and ironic because Hitler regarded Slavs as subhuman and wanted to exterminate them.

In addition, most Neo-Nazis in the United States would fail Nazi Germany's racial tests for higher jobs because the majority of Americans have recent genetic admixture with African Americans and Jews. Neo-Nazis are, incredibly, even worse and more unreasonable than die-hard creationists.

The Neo-Nazis who believe in the "white genocide" conspiracy almost always blame the Jews in the US Congress and Government or in the media for the said genocide, despite 90% of the Jews in US identifying as white. They also never point out the countries where white genocide could actually be happening (Zimbabwe for example) and only claim Europe and America (in which majority of the people are white) are facing a genocide due too to much immigrants.

Examples of Neo-Nazi err