A physical map of New Mexico.

New Mexico was first the home of the Ancient Pueblo, Navajo, and Apache, it was then founded in 1598 as the Spanish colony of Santa Fe de Nuevo México, it then eventually was taken as a territory by Mexico in 1821 and then by the United States in 1846, and finally as a State in 1912. Its governor is currently Republican Susana Martinez, but was prior Democrat under Bill Richardson, and then prior the Independent Gary Johnson. It is one of the only Liberal outposts in The South. The capital of New Mexico is Santa Fe.

New Mexico deserves much more of our attention than it currently gets, as it is living proof that The South ain't all bad. Even though it's surrounded by the fairly Centrist Colorado and conservative Arizona and Texas,Very Conservative Oklahoma; and the ultra-Conservative Utah; New Mexico has proved to be the best state in the South - most importantly abolishing the medieval system of Capital punishment and legalizing gay marriage before this happened throughout the United States.

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