Very many, possibly most liberals have some religious faith, and there are Conservative atheists. We're liberal Freethinkers on this website, and we like getting together with others who agree with us.

Jesus was the dude who starred in the New Testament

The New Testament is the sequel of the Christian Bible that was added to the Jewish Bible (the Old Testament) by misguided followers of Jesus Christ. The testimony recorded in the New Testament is only slightly more reliable than that found in the Old Testament because 1) it was an oral history recorded sixty to a hundred years after it happened. and 2) Centuries later they decided which parts to keep and which to cut out. The version of the New Testament now published is the result of political infighting among different sects of Christianity and was written by the winners. As a result, the patriarchal bias of one group of Christians has been accepted as the only true view of Christian thought.

Gnostics disagreed with traditional Christians

Ancient versions of New Testament texts written by Gnostic Christians on papyrus have been discovered in the desert around The Dead Sea and in Egypt. The Gnostics believed that many accounts in the Old Testament, such as the story of creation and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, are obviously metaphorical, and point to what they see as deeper spiritual truths but the Church suppressed these versions of Christian thought. This approach to interpretation of the New Testament has been superseded by fundamentalist Christians who insist obstinately that every word in the Bible must be taken literally, no matter how contradictory or bizarre. Liberal Christians are more reasonable.

The "Second Coming" and Crazy Christian Fundies

One of the most interesting parts of the New Testament is Revelations, a wild visionary account of the second coming of Christ. Modern American evanglistical Christians think Revalations is a prophecy which will come true when the conditions described therein come to pass. Evangelistical neocons have vowed to bring about the Apocalypse by helping Israel permanently annex Jerusalem and rebuild their temple to bring about the events foretold in Revelations.

What many Israelis probably don't realize is that when this happens they will be given the choice of converting to Christianity or perishing by fire. The Jews have a saying. "When you are in trouble you know who your friends are." The Jews also have a different saying, "The Jews have no friend."