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The New York Times (a.k.a The Grey Lady, or the NYT) is a newspaper that is highly regarded. The paper has been given one hundred eight Pulitzer Prizes, more than any other newspaper. 

The NYT has a Liberal bias, meaning it reports facts. The last Republican in a presidential race the editor endorsed was Dwight D. Eisenhower. The paper also supports the LGBT rights movement, the Affordable Care Act, gun control, and a woman's right to determine her own health care.

Investigative Reporting

The paper's investigative reporting led to the end of the power of the corrupt Tammany Hall. The paper has also investigated New Jersey halfway houses, [1], WalMart[2] and toxins in Chinese products; the third one won them a Pulitzer Prize. [3]

Op-Ed Columnists

The NYT also has some of the greatest columnists of this era as op-ed columnists.  As of March, 2013, they had:

  • Paul Krugman, who won the 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics
  • Maureen Dowd, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1999
  • Gail Collins, previously the paper's first female Editorial Page Editor
  • Thomas Freidman, who won yet another Pulitzer Prize in 2002
  • Nicholas D. Kristof, who won not one, but two Pulitzer Prizes
  • David Brooks
  • Frank Bruni
  • Charles Blow
  • Joe Nocera

Bill Keller and Mark Bittman are also occasional columnists.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump apparently wishes to purchase the New York Times [4] from the Sulzburger family.  This scenario is highly unlikely. The family has taken action to prevent random people from having to much control over it just by owning a ton of stock.  In addition, Arthur Ochs Sulzburger, the papers publisher, actually laughed when a reporter mentioned it to him.

Pay wall

Sadly many NYT articles are only available to sutscribers as are many other quality newspapers. [5]


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