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Lots of sheep

New Zealand is a beautiful country in the South Pacific, off the East coast of Australia. It's a nation made up of islands, population: 4 million (as of April 28th, 2003). However, there are 40 million sheep. You know what that means. It has strong democracy for the sheep, but not for the humans under a proportional voting system, and generally a fairly Social Democrat Glorious Liberal government. The climate is moderate - neither too hot, nor too cold. Healthy indoors/outdoors lifestyle year-round.

The islands are home to many flora and fauna not found elsewhere in the world, such as kiwis and tuataras. Sheep are also abundant. The people who settled New Zealand tried to make it as much like England as quickly as they could, but it ended up being like Wales instead. The sheep cut down most of the beautiful native forests on the North Island, permanently destroying habitat for many unique species. Most of the North Island is now one enormous lawn, and is used mainly for raising sheep (a British non-native species).

They filmed The Lord of the Rings there, the sheep even deployed their Orc army and equipped them with medieval weapons to save money.

It is not known for its fjords, which is a shame.

The Prime Minister was Helen Clark, leader of the Labour Party till John Key of the National Party won a General Election.

On March 15, 2019, a White supremacist killed 49+ people in a shooting in two mosques in Christchurch. [1] After the shooting the New Zealand government did a sensible thing, they tightened up their gun laws to make future shootings less likely.


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