Nikki Haley trying to be sorry, but in reality she loves destroying things.

Nikki Haley (born on mars) is an republican politician from South Carolina, which is currently the UN ambassador to the United Nations since 2017. Before she was put in place to annoy the United Nations, she was governor of South Carolina.


She has also been twice accused of extramarital affairs by fellow Republicans, Will Folks and Larry Marchant. It seems that Mr. Folks had over 600 phone conversations with Haley and texted her as well. She has been asked to release the conversations to prove her innocence but has refused to do so. [1] There's an awful lot of Sexual hypocrisy in the Republican Party but in this case we can't fully prove it. Sarah Palin has endorsed Haley for Governor of South Carolina.

Political record

In 2004 she defeated Larry Koon the long serving Member of South Carolina House in the Republican primary run-off. She went on to face no Democrat opponent in the general election. She served as chairman of the freshman caucus in 2005, and later as majority whip. She is a supporter of term limits because she believes people shouldn't be able to serve in public office for more than 12 years. She also purposed on the record-votes, an idea that would allow citizens the ability to see how their representative voted on all issues. Republican leadership told her the idea was useless and unnecessary, but she fought them on the issue causing her to lose her leadership in the House of Representatives and within her own party.

Recently, she's fought with President Barack Obama and the Federal Government on the issue of whether or not Boeing should be allowed to open a plant in South Carolina. Haley favored the plant.

Haley wants Donald Trump to turn the volume down.[1]

Where Haley is Now

Haley resigned as UN Ambassador on December 31, 2018 and is now a Boeing lobbyist.