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Noam Chomsky in real life.

Noam in the garden

Avram Noam Chomsky is a political writer, professor of cunnilinguistics linguistics, political dissident, and, according to the Republicans in the United States, a traitor. Even the Democratic establishment is afraid of him as they'd see him as the biggest threat to the establishment since JFK. He has an IQ of over 175 and is famous all over the world. Some of his biggest fans include Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, and Michael Moore. Despite Chomsky making sound arguments based on Logic and Fact at least part of the time, the American government and their propaganda tool, the Mainstream Media, have successfully kept Professor Chomsky out of the American mainstream for over 40 years. Despite being well known by People of all ages in even some of the poorest countries of the world, he is virtually unknown in his home country except to left-leaning College students but nobody really takes them seriously anyway.

One of Chomsky's more recent Books written about America's plan for global domination

He is remarkable for being famous in two quite distinct fields - political Philosophy and linguistics.

Chomsky said that while 9/11 was a terrorist Atrocity, so was America's reaction to it[1]


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