Oregon was the destination of many gold seekers in the early 20th Century. Other than that, Oregonians have voted for the Democratic Presidential candidate in every election since 1988. They look like a Blue State. Oregon is on the Pacific coast at fairly high latitude. The capital is Salem, but their largest city is Portland.

A map of Oregon

Facts about Oregon:

  • Oregon has a big problem with Mercury
  • Oregon allows terminally ill residents the right to die. [1]
  • Deadliest Catch seems to take place in either Oregon or Alaska when not out at sea.
  • Deer hunting is a local pastime.
  • Springfield from The Simpsons is based off Matt Groenings hometown in Oregon.
  • The city of Independence which is located in Polk County, Oregon may become the first smart city in the state as Pacific Power is installing Smart Meters [4][5]
  • Oregon passed Measure 101 in 2018, which improves health care for ordinary people including low income people.[6]

Awesome people from Oregon

  • Mike Figueredo


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