The Bush administration's No Child Left Behind program (which is unfunded and therefore technically leaves children behind) and Clear Skies Initiative (which weakens anti-pollution regulations and therefore technically makes skies less clear) are often cited as examples of Orwellian policies [1]

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

Orwellianism is a type of fictional totalitarian future government that is featured in George Orwell’s books, incidentally George Orwell was a Socialist or Social Democrat. If you go to Pensacola Christian College or Bob Jones University, then it is NOT fictional.

Orwellianism is often incorrectly used as a scare tactic by Republicans who think that this government is synonymous with socialism, this is sometimes called Red baiting. Some key aspects of Orwellianism are a brainwashed populace, secret (and almost constant) surveillance, a policing organization with absolute authority, constant stream of misinformation, constant war, faltering economies, limited freedom, and unevenly distributed wealth. Sound familiar? Some universities (listed in "See also") are rather Orwellian in that they hate Democrats, Atheists and non-White people, they enforce unnecessary rules, and constant questioning and interrogation to try and get an answer.

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