PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or, more like, People that 'Euthanize' their Tortured Animals)
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Founded: March 1980
Members: 3 Million (including supporters)
Slogan "Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way."
Employees 300
Location Norfolk, Virginia, United States [1].
They kill more than 90% of animals that they 'shelter'.

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PETA is an extremist pro-vegan animal rights organization, they believe in the complete liberation of animals, so not only do they believe in no meat or even eggs and dairy milk, but also they believe no animals should be kept as pets or in captivity. Dogs and Cats that are well treated can be happy as pets as anyone with experience of them knows.

PETA also seem to believe that no one should have children and that humans should go extinct so that way the animals could take thee Earth entirely, [citation needed] though a massive disaster could occur in the next thousands or millions of years as it always seems to happen and there will be no civilized force to stop the disasters and save the animals from mass extinction. It is well known that PETA kills and euthanizes many animals it 'Saves' [2]. A lot of vegans and vegetarians absolutely hate PETA, those that know the truth of their 'shelters'. PETA once made a typo "Stop clubbing, baby seals." Are they telling baby seals to stop clubbing humans or other animals? "Stop clubbing, baby seals." Once said PETA, as though telling baby seals to stop clubbing someone or an animal. PETA wastes money on stupid advertisements rather than saving animals. PETA isn't about saving animals, it's about making money so they can live a great wealthy life and forget everything else. They have lied many times such as creating a fake sheep prop that showed a wounded sheep without fur. It said "Here's the rest of your fur coat." It has been refuted. They proudly said they'd be against the use of animals even if their parts could be used to cure AIDs. They oppose important things such as seeing-eye dogs.

PETA will often will go after anything just to gain some attention. It should also be noted that all commercials PETA has tried to get on television have been banned. They made graphical comics that are meant for children to read. The comics are "Daddy Kills Animals" and "Mommy Kills Animals". The comics have gore and blood and are meant for children to read.

One of PETA's ad forgot that Humans were and are sometimes treated worse than Animals (examples: Lynching Holocaust, 9/11).[3]



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