Paul Zachary Myers
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Mr. Myers
Political party: Democratic Party
Residence: America
Fields Evolutionary developmental biology
Institutions University of Minnesota Morris
Education University of Washington

University of Oregon

Prominent activism Atheism, Feminism, promoting Science etc. -
Noted for Continually attacking other prominent atheists
Born March 9, 1957

Paul Zachary Myers aka 'PZ Myers' is a biologist and blogger. His blog Pharyngula makes fun of creationists and their tactics.

Roman Catholicism

Myers has spoken several times over the Priest Child Molestation Scandal. Myers also criticised Supreme Court Judge, Antonin Scalia for accepting Roman Catholic doctrine without rational evidence. Myers is uneasy because Americans rely on people like Scalia to defend United States liberties. [1] Myers feels the Supreme Court is pandering to Roman Catholics over contraception. [2]

Myers is also concerned over pedophile cover up's and accuses Bill Donohue of trying to expose the name of a child who complained about molestation while the diocese where the alleged crime happened doesn't cooperate fully with police investigation. [3]

Political liberal

Myers is a Political Liberal and hates the Republican Party. PZ notes the September/October 2013 shutdown in the USA didn't hit the military or homeland security, instead that debacle hit services like Health care and Education. Myers sees Republicans as "the fringe party of lunatics, demagogues, and irresponsible lackwits" [4] and crazy, irresponsible idiots, Myers hoped the party will die and so do We. [5] Myers believes one reason why religion is declining in the USA is that religion is too much identified with the Conservative, Religious Right agenda. [6]

Myers is concerned that Climate Change denialists used legal threats to pressure a Science journal to retract a publication showing that climate change denialists are frequently, "wacky conspiracy theorists and thin-skinned paranoid weirdos (it's true!)." [7]

Myers supports Obamacare and [8] despises the selfishness that thinks healthy people shouldn't pay for others who need more health care than they do. Myers points out that healthier people will sometime become old too and will need greater health care, Myers argues that, "A responsible society values all of its members and gives them all lifelong equal citizenship?" [9] Myers doesn't support Obama uncritically, he'd deeply disturbed by the injustice to Chelsey Manning and to Edward Snowden. [10]

Myers is concerned that the National Security Agency (NSA) won't even tell Congress what they're up to. Congress needed to ask an outsider, Bruce Schneier what their government is doing. Myers fears the USA is becoming more like a police state. [11] See, Revelations from Bruce Schneier for yet more about bad stuff the American government and big business are doing.

Myers believes atheists should take up politically liberal causes like Environmentalism, reducing income inequality, human rights, Humanism. [12][13]

Myers points out that Amazon Books treats its staff badly, pressures staff to fill ever rising targets and doesn't give decent lunch breaks. [14] Why not get some of your Books from a local public Library, that costs Nothing which is even cheaper than Amazon.

PZ Myers approves of Social democracy in Denmark and one little known side effect is that Danish women are less vulnerable to men who want to take advantage of them sexually. [15]

Myers notes the Conservatives Hypocritically pretend they're against big government and wasteful spending. Still they wasted $1.75 billion on Abstinence Education. Myers hopes Liberal Americans will write to those they elected to Congress asking them to end this failed policy. [16]

Myers believes tougher Gun control is needed in the USA. [17] [18] Myers disapproves when gun lobbyists write bills which Republican politicians then use to try and deregulate gun use. [19]

Myers fears anti Pornography laws are used to mask unacceptable censorship in Uganda and the United Kingdom, those two Nations are very different but their governments have similar weakness. [20]

Myers believes Libertarianism gives freedom for Rich people to exploit Poorer and weaker people but doesn't give Freedom to the majority. Myrers believes the United States is a libertarian paradise where differences in income are widening, the privileged class are corrupt and decadent and there is no real equality of opportunity. [21]

Myers is also sick of the way the American banks exploit the American public. Myers helped prepare this video that shows part of the trouble. Wouldn’t everyone love to have a conversation with Jamie Dimon? [22]

Myers has no sympathy for those who imagine or pretend Rich Americans are persecuted. Myers points out some Poor people work hard for a lifetime getting low wages, his late father was one. [23]

Myers opposes Racism and Homophobia. [24]


Myers favors childhood vaccination. [25]


Myers is a strong supporter of Sex positive feminism, he criticises many people who treat women badly. Myers thinks it's hilarious that many men high up in the Republican Party don't know how to appeal to women or even how to address women. Republican men need training before they can interact safely with the opposite sex. [26]

Myers is Pro-choice and believes medical insurance should cover abortions because women, especially rape victims don't know in advance that they will need an abortion. [27] Myers sees no point in forcing doctors to do an ultrasound before an Abortion or the like. [28]

Myers is concerned about online harassment and notes women are frequently targeted. Myers thinks the harassers are generally Men who act like Boys. [29]

Myers is concerned about sexual harassment in the Philosophy department at University of Colorado Boulder and notes this damages men at the department as well as women. The harassment harms women directly but men fear their reputations will be tainted through their connections with the department. Many graduate students are angry because they did not know what the department was like when they applied to go there. [30]


So she [Marthe Gautier] set up normal human cells, prepped them for the chromosome squashes, grew Down syndrome cells and did likewise, and was held up by her primitive gear at that point…when Jérôme Lejeune showed up and whisked all of her data away to get it photographed. And then went off to a conference where he announced that he had discovered the cause of Down syndrome, and then published the story with Gautier’s name as a middle author — a paper she did not get to see and knew nothing about until the day before publication.

Marthe Gautier discovered important facts about chromosome abnormalities in down syndrome patients. Jérôme Lejeune found her work, published it and took most of the credit. Myers sees this as typical of the way women’s work in science is too frequently trivialized. [31]

Creationists regularly put something together by copying and pasting large sections from what previous creationists wrote. Further they don’t bother to give a reference. If his students did anything like that Myers would fail them. [32] Then of course students on Myers challenging courses are likely more intelligent than typical creationists.


Myers knows Blaming poor people is something the Far Right do.

"It’s standard far right bigotry, blaming the poor and oppressed for their poverty and oppression. "[33]

"(...) everyone pays such fervent lip service to the importance of charity — but as we all know, punishing the poor is an American hobby."[34]


Myers opposes Racism and antisemitism too, [35] he knows Slavery was an Evil institution as most people do. Only a small number of extreme racists approve of slavery. [36] Myers knows racism still exists in the USA and causes big problems. [37] Myers cites an example to show if you're Black you can get arrested for loitering when you're waiting for a School bus. [38]

Myers feels he personally is being harassed because he opposes a racist undergraduate publication loosely connected with his university. Myers isn't the only person with utter contempt for this Right wing racist rubbish. Still Myers is a prominent person online and offline so he is targeted more. There always have been crazy, immature right wing, undergraduates at universities, there even are a few post graduates of that type. Unfortunately there are some at the university where Myers teaches as well. [39] Anyway harassment with false criminal accusations is going way too far. [40] If it can be proved that these right wingers intentionally made false accusations we hope the law will deal with them and we hope the perpetrators will be kicked out of the university which they thoroughly deserve. we hope they will be made to attend awareness courses where they have a chance to learn the error of their ways, to become better citizens and better Human beings.

Criticising ones own side

Myers maintains we shouldk criticise and police our own side and sometimes people from our own side cause so much trouble we need to criticise them. [41] Still we should never forget when we criticise our own side we help the other side. For example American Democrats who criticise fellow Democrats help Republicans. Don't criticise your own side without a very good reason.


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