Patrick Little was a right-wing candidate for the 2018 California Senate election. He polled at 2% against Diane Feinstein. He is for defunding Israel's aid and giving it as money for reparations for people descended by slaves. He is also for giving people who openly support aid for Israel the death penalty. He wants to limit the representation of Jews in the government, including judgeships, for merit-based employment in all government agencies and instutions that receive public funding. Patrick is for the colonization of Mars. Patrick Little wants to make the United States an enthostate as he believes it was intended. He unfortunately regards the Holocaust as a hoax. He also wants to nationalize social media platforms. On June 5th he received 1.2% of the popular vote. He claims the election to be voter fraud. He was planning to run for president in 2020 as a democrat. He is suing MSNBC for lying about him. He is also involved in traveling around the United States and saying what he believes are unfortunate facts about the Jews which he calls 'J-walking'. Such as the false idea that Jews rape children. [1]


Patrick Little speaks after getting kicked out of California GOP convention April 5 2018


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