Paul Joseph Watson
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Political Party: UKIP
Education: TBA
He Hates SJWs, Anti-Trump Supporters and Liberals

"He sounds dumb even with a British accent"

Paul Joseph Watson is an far-right youtuber, conspiracy theorist, radio host and writer. He has worked for the god of Conspiracy Theories Alex Jones in the past. His YouTube channel has 1.6 Million subscribers.

Making Fun of Liberals

Paul Joseph Watson loves to make the left look stupid. He is part of the Anti-SJW YouTube community, which is a YouTube community that makes fun of SJWs. Paul Joseph Watson will support anything Liberals hate, such as repealing Net neutrality, which affects his YouTube channel, and Donald Trump. Paul Joseph Watson also makes fun of modern culture and Islam.



Watson started working for InfoWars in October 2000. He has contributed to the Alex Jones show many times over the years. Watson has pushed conspiracy theorists such as the New World Order, 9/11 Inside Job, Chemtrail Conspiracy, Illuminati and Birtherism. Watson says that he no longer believes in these conspiracy theories.


Watson started his YouTube channel in 2011, where he started to talk about conspiracy theories. But later, he started to talk more about feminism, Islam, and left-wing politics. He has voiced far-right views on Immigration, opposing more non-white immigrants coming into Europe and North America, especially Muslims. He is a critic of feminism and modern culture, believing that women should stay in the kitchen and that modern culture is degenerate and fearmongers about the collapse of western civilization.


Here is a list of Inspiring Quotes by Paul Joseph Watson.

  • "Conservatism is the NEW Counter-Culture."
  • "Conservatism is the NEW punk rock!"

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