Pensacola Christian College (also known as Pensacola Concentration Camp or Pensacola Christian Cult) is a Fundamentalist college in Pensacola, Florida. Around 4,700 students currently attend this college (we're sure most of these students were forced to attend).

Preceding President Current President Next President
Arlin Horton


Troy Shoemaker

(2012-Present) [1]


Types of Students Who Probably Go There


During the Horton Era (1974-2012) and until around 2015 during the Shoemaker Era, Sharia-like rules were enforced at Pensacola Christian College. The rules at PCC are still very strict, but certain aspects have been slightly trimmed down. For instance, while "campusing" (being grounded on campus) no longer exists, women are still required to wear a skirt or dress at all times unless for recreation.

Location of Pensacola Christian College

Clothing/Dress Code


  • Men may have beards or mustaches, but must be properly maintained
  • Shirts must be tucked in for formal services
  • Earrings are not allowed

For church services, Sunday meals, banquets and seminars (some of which are required):

  • Men must wear either a suit or sports coat, long dress pants (w/belt or suspenders), dress shirt w/tie, as well as dress shoes for church services and formal settings.

For classes, concerts/recitals, and drama shows (ALL MUST BE ATTENDED by ALL STUDENTS):

  • Men must wear long casual pants (non-cargo) or dress pants with either a belt or suspenders
  • All shirts must include a collar
  • Shoes with modest socks must be worn
  • Must be worn until 5:00 PM on weekdays as well as for meals on weekdays

For sporting events, off-campus activities and weekends:

  • No pants with holes
  • No caps can be worn backward or sideways


  • Clothes made by Abercrombie & Fitch as well as Hollister are prohibited
  • All tops must cover the shoulders and not show undergarments
  • Skirts or dresses are to be worn at all times unless for athletic or recreational purposes.
  • Swimwear must cover the torso
    • A t-shirt is recommended for the flowrider, but not required

For formal events such as banquets or Fine Arts events (some of which are required):

  • Formal dress or gown (must be pre-approved by residence managers) along with dress shoes

For Church Services, semi-banquets, seminars as well as meetings (some of which are required):

  • Dress or skirt


  • The following types of music are prohibited on and off-campus:
    • Jazz
    • Rock
    • Rap/Hip-Hop
    • R&B
    • Country
    • Even Contemporary Christian
  • The following video games and movies are not allowed on or off-campus:
    • Any TV-show, movie or video game (regardless of rating) that contains violence, sexual themes, profanity and even rock music is not allowed
    • When visiting a home (or even at the student's home), only G and PG movies can be watched


  • Convocation is conducted every day of the week in the morning, except for Wednesday when it is during the night; Sunday when it is conducted during both the morning and night; and Saturday when it is not conducted at all.
    • ALL students are required to attend ALL convocations


  • Men are prohibited from using female walkways and elevators, and vice-versa
  • Dancing is explicitly off-limits
  • No Profanity

Student Life

  • In addition to mandatory convocations, students are required to attend ALL art receptions, banquets, fine arts events, seminars, board meetings, regular meetings, music recitals, commencement and more.
  • Spring Break does not exist at PCC. Instead, there is a Bible Conference students are forced to attend.
    • The Bible Conferences last for three days consisting of around three (3) two-hour sessions per day.
  • Men are prohibited to be in women's parking areas, and vice-versa.
  • Elevators and staircases are segregated by gender in the library. They claim this is only because of congestion.
  • Mixed-gender groups of students who are together off-campus or in secluded areas without a chaperone are subject to suspension or expulsion.
  • Beaches are segregated by gender

Consequences for Infractions

The following are the types of consequences that a student at Pensacola Christian College can receive:

Level 1: Notices

Notices can be received for minor infractions such as dress code, being late to an event or tapping out incorrectly.

Level 2: Charges

Charges can be received as fines and/or as consequences for moderate-level infractions such as traffic violations, white-glove infractions (see below), as well as appliances left on.

Level 3: Demerits

There are tons of ways to receive demerits at Pensacola Christian College, with the amounts varying per infraction

10-25 Demerits can be received for infractions such as classroom irresponsibility, dishonesty, skipping a required event, misuse of a cell phone or immodest dress.

50-100 Demerits can be received for infractions such as profanity, involvement in prohibited activities (such as going to movie theatres or malls), fighting and going off-campus in a mixed-gendered group.

Often times those who are assessed demerits are given a summons to appear at the Student Court, where they are confronted about their "wrongdoings".

Level 4: Separation

100 demerits or illegal activity will get you separated from certain events and privileges at Pensacola Christian College such as sporting events or a ban from certain buildings.

White Glove (Once a Semester)

White Glove is performed once a semester inside dormitories. This involves a full-on scan of every inch of the room to ensure no forbidden material (such as rock music) is present.

Normal Weekly Schedule

To illustrate how busy a Pensacola Christian College student is, we have provided a schedule spreadsheet of the weekly activities they are forced to take part in.

Time Event
7:00 AM Day Begins
7:35 AM Room Check
9:00-9:55 AM Chapel/Chapel Meetings
6:15 PM Mission Prayer Band
10:30 PM Prayer Meeting
11:00 PM Curfew/Lights Out
7:00 AM Day Begins
7:35 AM Room Check
9:00-9:55 AM Chapel/Chapel Meetings
10:30 PM Prayer Meeting
11:00 PM Curfew/Lights Out
7:00 AM Day Begins
7:35 AM Room Check
9:00-9:55 AM Chapel/Chapel Meetings
10:05 AM Freshman-Senior meeting

(Once a Month per class)

7:00 PM Mid-Week Service
11:00 PM Curfew/Lights Out
7:00 AM Day Begins
7:35 AM Room Check
9:00-9:55 AM Chapel/Chapel Meetings
6:00 PM Homefront/Mission Front
7:00 PM Instrument Recitals
10:30 PM Prayer Meeting
11:00 PM Curfew/Lights Out
7:00 AM Day Begins
7:35 AM Room Check
9:00-9:55 AM Chapel/Chapel Meetings
10:00 AM Room Check
7:00/8:00 PM Recitals (Twice/Month)
Midnight Curfew/Lights Out
8:00 AM Day Begins
9:00 AM Room Check
7:00 PM Instrument Recitals
8:00 PM Fine Arts Series (Twice/Semester)
Midnight Curfew/Lights Out
8:00 AM Day Begins
8:35 AM[?] Room Check
9:00 AM Sunday Church
4:30 PM Sunday Reflections (Once/Month)
6:00 PM Evening Church
11:00 PM Curfew/Lights Out

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