Peter King is the crazy neocon chickenhawk Republican Representitive from New York's 2nd congressional district. He said that he would run for president in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. [1]

An accurate photo of Peter King

He is well known for his severe Islamophobia and his obsession with war.

King slammed Trump for blaming 9/11 on George W. Bush.[2]


King has made it quite clear that he's racist against Muslims. He has told Politico that he thinks that there are "too many mosques in this country". On an interveiw with Sean Hannity, he falsely claimed that 80-85% of mosques are run by radical Muslims.

War Hawkery

King has a reputation as one of the most insane Chickenhawks in Congress, and he's never found a war he hasn't liked. He supported the Iraq War, and supported the George W. Bush administration during the War on Terror. He became a big cheerleader for the USA PATRIOT Act, keeping Guantanamo Bay open, and torture. Even when many Teabaggers became anti-war out of blind opposition to Barack Obama, King supported the president's plan to bomb Syria.