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Reggae fans and artists mourned Tosh's death, but celebrated his legacy. He is still known as the most controversial member of The Wailers, according to The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper, which wrote that "he ruffled many a feather with his unapologetic stance on issues [such as] black liberation and the legalization of marijuana." [1]

Peter Tosh was a reggae musician from Jamaica. He was known for the song "Equal Rights", a song about those oppressed having more freedom. [2] Peter Tosh was a Rastafarian, well not everyone agrees with Rastafarian support for Marihuana but weed is probably less harmful than Alcohol.[3]

Peter Tosh's son became a famous musician after him.


Peter Tosh died on September 11 1987 exactly 14 years to the day That 9/11 would later take place.

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