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Ustinov had a stellar film career as actor, director and writer, appearing in more than 100 film and television productions. (...) Ustinov's effortless style and his expertise in dialectic and physical comedy made him a regular guest of talk shows and late night comedians. His witty and multi-dimensional humor was legendary, and he later published a collection of his jokes and quotations, summarizing his wide popularity as a raconteur. He was also an internationally acclaimed TV journalist. Ustinov covered over 100,000 miles and visited more than 30 Russian cities during the making of his well-received BBC television series Russia (1986). [1]

Peter Ustinov was a popular actor from the United Kingdom, he was well known for his ability to tell stories. Memorable film roles included the slave owner, owner of a school of Gladiators in Spartacus, Nero in Quo Vadis and as the voice of Prince John in the Disney version of Robin Hood.