Phyllis Schlafly in 2007

Phyllis Schlafly was the "mother" of Andy Schlafly, and thus the source of the nonsense that is Conservapedia. Liberal feminist Gloria Steinem bluntly put that Sarah Palin looks like a younger version of Schlafly. Maybe Palin is some relation to her! Phyllis Schlafly died on the 5th of September 2016.

Hating women

In addition to being a rabid reactionary, she also hated women, confirming that what drives conservatives to fundamentalist religious fanaticism is their self-hate. Her organizational skills were effective in creating a reactionary faction of the Republican Party focusing on anti-ERA, anti-abortion, and anti-feminist policy. Even other Republicans sometimes seem to think she wasn't very good. A Republican housewife living right next door to frightful Phyllis once said she was the type who appeals to emotion and doesn’t bother about facts. "(…) an exponent of an extreme right-wing philosophy — a propagandist who deals in emotion and personalities where it is not necessary to establish facts or prove charges."

She apparently hated equality, as she opposed the Equal Rights Amendment.

Successful career woman

Phyllis Schlafly lived the life of a successful career woman and as far as outsiders can see it did her good. She ran a national newspaper, was delegate and president of Republican organizations though the National Federation had the sense to choose someone else. She didn’t want other women to have the freedom she had. She liked women to stay at home and do things like baking bread with apricot, date nut, honey-bran and pumpkin. She says her husband let her do what she wanted. When he said she was doing too much she acted like an obedient little Girl and canceled assignments.

Rape in marriage

Phyllis was not helpful to women with inconsiderate husbands. She thinks a husband can rape his wife any time he wants to. Many women only find out what inconsiderate things their husbands want after marriage. Among fundy Christians adjusting to marriage is a bigger problem for the wife because she is expected to be obedient while he is under less pressure to adjust to her. Then role models like Phyllis make things worse. Outsiders may like to speculate as to what may or may not have been wrong with Phyllis Schlafly's marriage.

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