"This is a country Of The Rich, By The Rich, For The Rich where everyday it sees our laws and culture cater more to wealthy people; tax breaks, industry-written laws, bailouts, deregulation. All just to make the lives of the rich just a little bit cushier."- Bill Maher, 2011

Plutocracy, also known as Corporatocracy or neoliberalism, is an extreme type of economic and social hierarchy characterized by rule by the wealthy and/or the Corporations they control, rather than by the human polity. The United States is not a democracy, but rather a plutocracy masquerading as a democratic republic. Numerous corporations have lobbied to the government, captured the Republican Party, and the modern conservative movement, and in turn have enacted legislation favoring corporations at the detriment of the human polity.

Most Conservatives in the United States promise the continuation of social hierarchy favoring heterosexual Christian White men, but only worsen the problem by expanding the rights of corporations.

The Occupy protesters, and many progressives/liberals wish for this to be changed, and for a more equal society to be created. If society becomes more equal, with strong regulations to prevent the elite from regaining power, we can have a genuine democratic republic .

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