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The Pope is essentially the head of the Roman Catholic Church and Leader of the Vatican supposedly he gets his authority from Saint Peter but that doesn't look likely. The term pope translates as 'father' or 'holy father' though Matthew 23:9 forbids this. [1]

In some restricted conditions the Pope is considered infallible. The Church says that in some very rare cases what the Pope teaches can't possibly be wrong. That means that if he's proven wrong, we imagine the universe is uncreated. In most situations the Dope the Pope is clearly a very fallible Human being, and the universe remains very much intact. In all situations if you don’t believe the unfounded religious teachings the Pope’s liable to make mistakes and many popes have been extremely corrupt or misguided.

Some Anti-Catholics write the term pope is Blasphemy and equivalent to calling the pope "God". Calling any human being other than Jesus God is extremely blasphemous. [2] Naturally Roman Catholics have a different theology and insist the term, 'Holy Father' is acceptable. [3]

Pope Pius XII

Pope Pius XII failed to take a stand against mass murder in Croatia during World War II although he knew many Roman Catholic clergy and laity were involved in those murders. This was one of many failures to act or take a stand against Genocide.

Pope John Paul I

He dies after about 6 weeks as pope, rumours refuse to go away that John Paul I was murdered. [4]

Pope John Paul II

They are planning to fast track Pope John Paul II to become a saint. [5] [6] Well they’ll need to come to terms with Pope John Paul II’s criticism of modern Capitalism, [7]. So a saint doesn’t feel comfortable with capitalism and that might have a negative effect on rich influential supporters of Roman Catholicism. They’ll also need to come to terms with Pope John Paul II’s work covering up priestly child abuse,[8]. So a saint helped Paedophiles to escape justice, that will have a negative effect on rich and poor alike.

Of course once he became pope Ratzinger covered up child abuse as diligently as his predecessor. [9]

The present pope

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Pope Francis was elected pope after the former pope, Pope Benedict XVI stepped down. Benedict left a mess for Pope Francis to clean up, like the Priest child molestation scandal  We'll have to see if Pope Francis can clean up after Pope Benedict XVI. Francis is keen among other matters to clean up corruption in the Vatican. Those who want corruption to continue, notably the Mafia may be looking for ways of murdering Francis according to a serior Italian prosecutor. [10] [11] A senior prosecutor should know what he's about. Well what happened to John Paul I?


Saint Máel Máedóc Ua Morgair (better known as St. Malachy) - a prelate otherwise of innocent repute[12] - is credited with coming up with a list of predictions about the popes, some of which are slightly closer to the men in question than picking statements out of the papal tiara at random. Benedict XVI was the penultimate on the list.[13] This may tie in with the predictions of the end of the world in 2012 - or probably not, given that the first publication of the alleged prophecy was in 1595, well over four hundred years after Malachy's death, and gets vague for every pope thereafter.) The world didn't end in 2012.

Later predictions are as stated, vague and popes have lived long, typically eventful lives, therefore shoehorning some aspects of a pope's life/interests/contacts/etc. into the predictions is relatively easy. Further vast numbers of Roman Catholic and general commentators are looking for links with the predictions so it may not be surprising they generally come up with at least something. Since the Cardinals meet in secret to decide a pope outsiders have no idea if they are deliberately choosing men who can be shoehorned into the prophecy. Under the next pope the Roman Catholic Church will have the option of trying to frighten the faithful into being obedient sheep with yet another End of the world scare. When the world continues after the next papacy they can always say they were never sure that pope would be the last. [14]

The last on the list is, "Petrus Romanus" which is usually translated as "Peter the Roman" but an alternative, very loose translation is, "Roman rock". [15] Therefore any man who is in any way connected with Rome (inevitable for a pope) or who can be seen or imagined as rock-like in any way at all with a little [Shoehorning] fits the prophecy.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio has taken the Papal name Francis. Not a Peter in sight. Jorge, you should be ashamed - you've let down millions of conspiracy theorists! Conspiracy theorists have found vague links between Francis and Peter the Roman. [16] [17]

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