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Pope Francis of Argentina is the current pope, elected by the cardinals on March 13, 2013. He inherited a Catholic church that is out of control in many ways, and to solve those problems, he'll have to work miracles. Only time will tell if this one is a miracle worker.

As of late 2014 even bishops weren't sure how Francis is changing the Roman Catholic Church and ordinary People understand far less. [1]

At least Francis speaks powerfully about some Liberal ideas like caring for Poor people. As of 2015 Francis has taken up care for The environment and for Our planet in a big way. See ENCYCLICAL LETTER LAUDATO SI.

Good and bad


Francis is certainly a social conservative, but he's not completely crazy as he is a liberal on economic issues, like poverty. Did you expect anything better from any new Pope? Francis is a Jesuit which may be good or bad.

Reform of the Roman Catholic Church

As of late 2015 we didn't know how much real change there is or will be, how much apparent change is Propaganda or media hype. [2] [3] Certainly there will be less change than Liberals within and outside the Roman Catholic Church who so fervently praised Francis hoped for. This article tries to sort out how what's really happening but we don't know many answers yet.

The environment

Below is an English translation of what Francis wrote, he cares about damage to the Earth.

We have come to see ourselves as [the Earth's] lords and masters, entitled to plunder her at will. The violence present in our hearts, wounded by sin, is also reflected in the symptoms of sickness evident in the soil, in the water, in the air and in all forms of life. This is why the earth herself, burdened and laid waste, is among the most abandoned and maltreated of our poor; she “groans in travail” (Rom 8:22). We have forgotten that we ourselves are dust of the earth (cf. Gen 2:7); our very bodies are made up of her elements, we breathe her air and we receive life and refreshment from her waters. [4]

Climate change

Francis is definitely helping here!

To the discomfort of conservatives, Pope Francis doubled down on his environmental concerns Wednesday that climate change “can no longer be left to a future generation.“ Speaking from the White House lawn, the pope’s speech emphasized the global need to protect the planet from the impacts of climate change. [5]


Francis spoke many times exhorting sympathy for the poor and those who are suffering.


Pope Francis criticised unbridled capitalism and claimed excessive respect for money has become Idolatry. "Attacking unchecked capitalism, the pope said the growing inequality in society was caused by "ideologies which uphold the absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation, and thus deny the right of control to States, which are themselves charged with providing for the common good"." Lizzy Davies writing in The Guardian[6] Francis claims the economic crisis happened because we accept that money rules us, ethics are too frequently treated as inconvenient and disregarded. [6]

Francis has been warned that if he continues to criticise capitalist excesses consequences could follow. Wealthy donors may give less to the Roman Catholic Church. [7]

Selfish capitalists will most likely respond to pious condemnation from the pope with 'Business as usual'.

Liberation theology

Liberation theology is movement within the Roman Catholic Church encouraging poor People to take action against Rich oppressors. Supporters of Liberation theology will find the new pope's attitude encouraging and opponents of Liberation theology will probably lose influence. We must not forget though that for over a millennium the Roman Catholic Church has been very much on the side of Rich people. Roman Catholic clerics and others who support the Church and wealth are undoubtedly doing what they can behind the scenes to undermine any radical change should Francis try to start anything. If there is a chance of too radical change pressure on Francis to tone down his anti capitalist speeches will undoubtedly increase.

United Nations

Pope Francis called on the United Nations to encourage redistribution of wealth, Francis wants governments to work actively to redistribute wealth. It's unclear what redistributive policies Francis has in mind. [8] Will this lead to policy changes by national governments? As of late 2014 we haven't seen very much.

Poverty and contraception

Francis opposes contraception, his opposition and Roman Catholic opposition generally to Contraception reduces the value of any help RCs give the poor. Among practising Catholic there are poor people with large families who can't easily afford to give all their children a good standard of living or educate all their children properly. Fortunately in Developed countries most Roman Catholics disregard Church teaching on contraception but in the Third World where poverty is most extreme opposition to contraception from Roman Catholics and others does a great deal of harm.

Those who knew Francis in Argentina insist his concern for poor people is sincere but it's unclear if he actually will help poor people. The risk is that in the Third World large numbers of uneducated and partially educated poor people will support Francis and the Roman Catholic Church because they appear to be on the side of the poor.

  1. At first some poor people will do better with Roman Catholic help and the Church will look for good publicity over this.
  2. Later when the effect of Roman Catholic teaching on contraception works through the system there will be very many large Roman Catholic families in the Third World. Many of these families will be desperately poor and desperately miserable.

In Argentina the present government officially provides free contraception for all citizens and this benefits primarily poor people since better off people can afford contraception. Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis opposed this free contraception, [9] the law is regularly disregarded and broken at least partly due to Roman Catholic opposition. [10]

  1. What did Francis offer poor Argentinians where yet more children will plunge them even deeper into poverty?
  2. The best he and fellow Roman Catholics offered was exhortations to abstinence. Really? [11] If exhortations to abstinence worked we wouldn't see One sex scandal After another involving supposedly celibate Roman Catholic priests.

Since the Third World is the only area where the Roman Catholic Church is growing, (at least in some parts) opposition to contraception matters a great deal.

Present and future

  1. Discouraging contraception adds to Overpopulation and poverty. If Francis really cares about poor people his opposition to contraception is seriously misguided. See also Francis and poverty.
  2. Francis had been telling others in the Roman Catholic Church to stop obsessing over a few sins (including contraception) and to attend to a greater range of sins. Where this will lead is currently unclear but there could be less pressure on poor people in the Third World and in developed countries to have so many children they remain trapped in poverty. Let's hope things improve for poor people.

Contraception generally

Francis wants married couples to have children rather than keep pets. [12] There's no problem about people who want children having families of a size they can manage and can afford. Having children shouldn't be seen as virtuous in itself unless people want children. Overpopulation does serious harm.


The pope warns of the bad effects of Drugs, even Weed, Alcohol, and Tobacco. He finds drug dealing to be immoral. Still it's unclear if drugs do more harm or prohibition specially of soft drugs does more harm. See Prohibition in the United States.


Francis may give women a more influential role within the church though not as priests or cardinals. Women are valued under Pope Francis but subordinate to men

Francis is Pro-life and believes women should be forced to carry babies they don't want. Since Francis opposes Contraception many Roman Catholic women risk finding themselves pregnant when they don't want this. [13] Francis has toned down opposition to contraception and is sympathetic to women with very difficult pregnancies but Francis believes even rape victims should continue an unwanted pregnancy.

Sexual sin and other sin

Sexual sin

"Who am I to judge a gay person of goodwill who seeks the Lord?" Worldwide people thought that was a wonderful thing to say. Did he really mean it? All it seems he was saying is that if he judges that a particular gay person seeks God he won't judge that person further. Francis judges that all gay sexual acts are sinful, he judges that gays aren't fit to adopt children. [14] Francis thinks Gay marriage is the work of the devil. [15] [13] Francis accepts Civil unions (possibly?) but not gay marriage. Francis encouraged Bishop Charles Scicluna of Malta to speak out against gay civil unions allowing adoption. [16] Francis accepts Homosexuals as Priests because he says being tempted isn't sinful. Basically he looks rather Conservative over gay sex.

If Pope Francis is to be believed in all the kindly pronouncements of his first year (and I do), his good tone should be followed by the tough work of changing the systems of belief, doctrine and religious practice which perpetuate the victimization of those he seeks to serve. (Openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson) [17]

Francis wants gays to be welcomed in Roman Catholic churches because he sees sinners as lost sheep to be saved, similarly Francis wants to encourage many who disagree with Roman Catholic doctrines accepted in the Church because he believes in hating the sin and loving the sinner. Francis encourages many to rejoin the Church who were pressured to leave under Benedict XVI. Still he sees them as sinful but believes other sins (especially financial sins) matter at least as much.

Under Francis gays and people who plan their families can stay in the Church more easily.

It's worth noting that these are mostly changes of emphasis, not doctrine. Pope Francis won't devote his reign to attacking gays, women, condoms and abortion, but nor does he seem prepared to change church policy towards them. [18]

Not everyone is convinced improvements are real or sufficient.

Vaguely pro-LGBT statements don’t protect gay Catholic youth who have been kicked out of their homes and are living on the streets, or ensure that same-sex spouses will be allowed to visit one another in Christian hospitals. They don’t protect LGBT kids who are tormented in religious schools while teachers preach against “alternative lifestyles” or help LGBT employees who are fired from their jobs in states where their rights aren’t protected. [19]

Brian Cahill is also concerned, he points out that Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and others crusade against gays as vigorously they did as under Benedict.

I [Brian Cahill] am a 73-year-old, white, heterosexual male and have not been on the receiving end of the ignorance, hate and narrow orthodoxy that religious belief can still stir up. (...) My son and his partner have been. And thousands like them, all made in the image and likeness of God, have been on the receiving end of hate and ignorance, and in the context of our church, the maddening, wounding, mixed message of love and condemnation. [20]

Remarried Divorcees, can't receive Communion officially but some do unofficially at some churches. 59% of North Americans, 75% of Europeans and 67% of Latin Americans believe remarried divorcees should receive communion. A meeting of cardinals at The Vatican in February 2014 spent the greater part of its time discussing this tricky issue. Some Cardinals approve of change but others oppose it. An interim synod of bishops in October 2014 also disagreed strongly about allowing communion to active gays and remarried divorcees. They accepted that gays should be welcomed with "respect and delicacy" whatever that means. [21] [22] The interim synod disapproved of artificial contraception, [23] In the USA roughly one Roman Catholic marriage in four leads to divorce and that doesn't take account of other nations and a great many people are affected. So what will Francis and the Church hierarchy do? [24]

Can obsession with sexual sin end?

Replenishing the vanishing ranks of priests is only one reason to let all priest marry. Compulsory celibacy should end, said Father Anthony Padavan, a Catholic priest banished from the priesthood for falling in love and marrying, founder of CORPUS for married priests, because "it is based on the belief that women are inferior, and marriage is a second-rate way of being Christian." [25]

If Francis or any successor allows married priests the Church will develop a healthier balance within a generation. Currently there are large numbers of Priests, Monks and Nuns struggling to maintain Celibacy and fighting sexual temptation continually. These men and women will inevitably obsess about Sex and will put unhealthy emphasis on what the Church calls sexual sin. Exhortations by a pope can improve things but the problem won't go away fully and will recur as soon as exhortations stop.

SAme sex couples

October 2020 Statement on Civil Union

In October of 2020, Francis issued a statement in favor of Civil Unions and legal protection of same sex couples. Some say he isn't doing enough. [26] Biggoted religious traditionalists say he's doing far too much. [27]

But as the pope has often said, this does not mean that he believes that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. On a number of occasions, Francis has warned against threats to the institution of marriage and described marriage as “between a man and a woman.” Accepting gay family members or accommodating same-sex partnerships in civil law, he said, “does not mean approving of homosexual acts.” [28]

Financial sin

By contrast financial sinner, German Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, Lied under oath pretending he didn't fly first class and had to pay a fine over this. [29] Tebartz-van Elst did worse than that, he wasted Church funds over copious, unnecessary renovations to his residence at a time when his diocese was short of cash and underpaying staff. Among many other extravagances was a $20,000 personal bathtub in his living room of all places, where he hoped to immerse his austere Celibate body luxuriously. There could be yet more to come. [30] The bishop nicknamed, "Bishop of Bling" found himself in hot water and was suspended from his position. [31][32]


Media manipulation

Whenever communication is primarily aimed at promoting consumption or manipulating others, we are dealing with a form of violent aggression like that suffered by the man in the parable, who was beaten by robbers and left abandoned on the road. (Pope Francis) [33]

According to Francis:

  • Any use of communication to manipulate other people is utterly and inexcusibly reprehensible! Bad!
  • Use of communication to manipulate other people is wrong except when Francis himself and his supporters use communication to manipulate others into accepting that special Francis brand of Roman Catholicism.


Francis condemns gossip and tells us not to speak ill of our neighbours. [34] Yet Francis himself continually denounces what he sees as sin. Criticising wrong doing and wrong doers is sometimes necessary to increase the chances that wrongs will be put right. Sadly Francis hasn't told us when we should and when we shouldn't speak ill of other people, that leaves those who take his teachings seriously possibly feeling confused and guilty.

Sins of the Church

Francis consistently refuses to acknowledge large-scale Human rights abuses, even Genocide involving the Roman Catholic Church throughout the centuries.

There is a strange omission that puts the pope on the wrong side even of John Paul II. It's his failure so far to engage with or even acknowledge the past horrors over which the church has presided. From the destruction of the Cathars to the Magdalene laundries, the Catholic church has experimented with almost every kind of extermination, genocide, torture, mutilation, execution, enslavement, cruelty and abuse known to humankind. (...) How can the pope get a grip on the future if he won't acknowledge the past? [18]

Clearly persuading people to see the Roman Catholic Church in a good light is more important for Francis than getting to the truth.


Francis "urged the media to get to know the Church with its 'virtues and sins'" [35] Does Francis really want people to know about how Pope Pius XII failed to take a stand against mass murder in Croatia during World War II although Pius knew many Roman Catholic clergy and laity were involved in those murders. This was one of many failures to act or take a stand against Genocide. That's just one very big example of wrong doing by the Roman Catholic Church that isn't widely known, the Magdalene laundry scandal in Ireland is another.

What Francis seems to mean is, 'get to know the Church with its virtues and those sins that we can't prevent you knowing, overlook the ugliness and share what we claim is the Church's "focus on 'truth, goodness and beauty'." [35]

Friends with dictators

There are accusations that Bergoglio was involved in the kidnapping and torture of two priests during the Dictatorship by the Argentinian Junta in the 1980's. There are further accusations that he was aware of the kidnapping of pregnant women whose children were later separated from their birth families and adopted by supporters of the Junta. These rumours have never been proved but don't go away. As of April 2013 the Roman Catholic church hasn't published Church archives that could show what really happened. [36] Church archives could reveal more than the kidnappings described above. [37] The grandmothers of missing children want to know what happened and one grandmother says the pope told her: "You can count on me. You can count on us." [38] Well can the grandmothers count on the pope to open Vatican archives and help them find their grandchildren? Now that depends on what's in those archives and how embarrassing that could be for the Roman Catholic Church. Only Vatican insiders know the answer.

Peace gestures

Francis made a great many dramatic gestures asking for peace, Praying for peace. According to the Washington Post these peace efforts have so far achieved relatively little, quiet diplomacy might have done more. [39] These grandiose gestures encouraged yet more adulation for the pope who was seen as a wonderful peacemaker.

Child sex abuse

The Washington Post suggests Francis is tainted by the Priest Child Molestation Scandal but claims he mended his ways at least partly.

But during most of the 14 years that Bergoglio served as archbishop of Buenos Aires, rights advocates say, he did not take decisive action to protect children or act swiftly when molestation charges surfaced; nor did he extend apologies to the victims of abusive priests after their misconduct came to light. [40]

Another source says something similar.

It does not appear, however, that Pope Francis had earlier distinguished himself either as a senior Latin American bishop by condemning Fr. Maciel’s blatant abuses over many years, nor as a Jesuit has he seemingly to date clearly spoken out on the well reported extensive abuse of Native American children by some Jesuits. [41]

Most/all clergy high up in the Roman Catholic hierarchy have done stuff they shouldn't in a big way so they couldn't easily find anyone better than Francis to become pope.

The Church tries to paint its popes whiter than white, we need to check carefully and research what they're really like.

Francis promised to see that perpetrators of child sex abuse are punished but at least one abuse survivors' group is unconvinced much will be done. [42] Liberapedia advises readers to check how far words lead to action. Will the pope punish himself for failing to take decisive action over child abuse during the early time that he was a senior Latin American bishop? If he doesn't that will be Hypocrisy and hypocrisy undermines the church. [43] [44]

There are allegations that the Latin American Roman Catholic Church is still covering up child abuse cases, there were several cases where the Church hierarchy were less than fully cooperative about uncovering paedophilia.

For critics, the cases show the church under Francis — who was archbishop of Buenos Aires before becoming Latin America's first pope — still has a long way to go in how it handles pedophile priests. [45]

Covering up the bad stuff is a Roman Catholic tradition, will Francis improve things?

The church establishment’s response, including since Francis became pontiff, has largely been one of silence. [46]

As of Autumn 2013 Pope Francis hadn't improved this scandal.

And so, as we are regaled with tales of Francis's marvellous humanity, his love of the poor and suffering, the tens of thousands – maybe even millions - of [child sex abuse] victims around the globe wait and hope that something will change. Francis seems too busy being adored at present to be bothered with them. [47]


As of 2013 and 2014 we speculate and later we'll know how far speculation was accurate.

Just before the papal election at least one Roman Catholic source feared Cardinal Bergoglio as he then was might be too old to sort out Corruption in the Vatican. [48] Francis was elected at 77 which is past the typical retiring age. Is that what corrupt cardinals wanted who elected him pope? About a month after the start of the papacy Francis formed and advisory panel to help sort out problems with the Vatican bureaucracy. The first formal meeting was in October 2013. [49] We can assume the resolve of Francis was still firm when he founded the panel. Financial wrongdoing is something Francis specially hates and during summer 2013 Francis showed quite some resolve in trying to sort out the Vatican Bank where there is one scandal after another. [50] He continued to give sorting out corruption high priority in the autumn of 2013, up to late 2014. There have been several well publicised changes removing corrupt Vatican officials. Since the Vatican is a highly secretive organisation we can no more than guess how many corrupt officials are still in place. Some supervisory structures that would exist in any competent business were introduced. [51] We wait to see how far Francis will succeed and what will happen over other problems with the Vatican bureaucracy.

Will the resolve of Francis remain firm over the months and years that Vatican bureaucrats can get to the elderly gentleman? Since Francis is living outside the traditional papal apartments his minders can't control who gets an audience with the pope and who gets to influence him the way they usually do with popes. In the guest rooms where Francis lives and eats many people can get to him and tell him what they feel he should know. [52] Notably in the guest house where Francis lives prelates from outside who are visiting the Vatican can tell him what's happening at grass roots level. The result is a pope who looks less confident, he's hearing a range of views not restricted to what he personally wants to hear and what his minders want him to hear but a pope who's closer to reality. Those who hoped that Francis would radically modernise the Roman Catholic Church are becoming less confident.

  1. Perhaps the Vatican is getting to him.
  2. Perhaps Francis never intended serious modernisation.
  3. Perhaps Francis just wants to welcome critics back into the Church and allow them communion. Of course in the Church they can continually be reminded they are considered sinners.

Time will tell how far Vatican bureaucrats can still get to Francis.

  1. His purported links to a supposed anti-Marxist group may make him unpopular with the radical left. [53]
  2. They say he criticises capitalism and the free market too which could make him unpopular with the Right as well.

Liberapedia doesn't know how far Roman Catholic concern over poverty is sincere or how far that is a cynical plan to get converts from the Third World and from poorer sections of the Developed world. After all more educated people in industrialised nations are turning against religion and Roman Catholicism. Most likely some in the Roman Catholic hierarchy are sincere but others are cynical. The pope himself almost certainly is sincerely concerned about poverty but his advisers may not be.



Francis dresses more modestly than popes traditionally did, he strongly discourages Cardinals and others from spending money on extravagant regalia. The fashion industry is regularly involved in pressuring us to spend more than we can afford on clothes we don't need. Despite this some representatives of the fashion scene have named Francis best dressed man of the year. [54] Well, if you can't beat them, join them

Bad word

Francis unintentionally said a word that's very naughty in Italian.

Pope Francis, who is renowned for the common touch he has brought to his Papacy, (...) stumbled over the Italian word for 'example' - "caso." Instead the word that slipped out was "cazzo" -- which means " F***" or refers to the male genitalia (depending on interpretation). [55]

We all make mistakes.


Francis says he stole the cross from the coffin of his late confessor. [56] isn't it wasteful to put a cross in a coffin?


Children flanking the Pope released a pair of white doves from a window overlooking St Peter’s Square, only to see one of them savaged by a large seagull and an aggressive crow. Whether the dove survived the attack is not known, but the incident prompted an animal rights group to appeal to the Pope to stop the practise of releasing doves, saying he was sending them to their deaths because they were unable to survive in the wild. [57]

An animal welfare group stated captive bred doves don't recognise predatory sea gulls and releasing them in Rome amounts to sending them to their deaths. Of course predators attacking doves aren't likely to kill them humanely but despite all this The Vatican refused to reply when asked to stop releasing doves. [58]

Human beings have habitually and traditionally been sacrificed for the well being of the Roman Catholic Church.

  1. Sexually abused children were sacrificed when crime was covered up and priests moved to other parishes where they could commit further abuse. Francis himself Was and is involved in this.
  2. Magdalene laundry victims faced a life of virtual Slavery forced to wash clothes when real or imagined sexual misconduct was used to condemn them.
  3. These are just a few examples, there's plenty more.

With the above record over treatment of human beings can we expect the pope and Roman Catholic hierarchy to care about doves sent to a painful death? They only care due to the bad publicity. In 2015 Francis had baloons released instead of doves. [59]


Among the newest recipients of Pope Francis’ good will is the parrot of a male stripper-turned-erotic film actor, the ANSA news agency reported this week. [60]

The Parrot that the pope blessed couldn't help belonging to a porn star.


Francis says he'd baptise Aliens from another Planet if they asked for baptism. [61] What would I do in the very unlikely event that aliens came to me for baptism? Well one thing I'd certainly do is ask them:

  • Do you understand what Christianity is about?
  • Do you understand what being a Christian involves?
  • Are you sure the church where you turned up is the church you want to join?
  • Don't you want to study other churches as well first?

There should be such a thing as informed consent. Isn't all that a little bit typical? Recruit them [62] to our church first, let them find out the negative side of our religion later.

Francis has become uncool

Doesn’t really matter what Francis likes — the Pope is SO over… Yep, Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, Damon Linker at The Week, Amanda Marcotte at Slate and even Jamie Manson (et tu?) at the National Catholic Reporter declare that Pope Francis is no longer cool. And he might be really uncool. And then when Father Z agrees with them — happily — well, you know that whole pope-apalooza is officially over. Let the trend stories begin! [63]

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