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Pornography (also porn) is the explicit depiction of Sexual subject matter for erotic purposes, and is protected as free speech under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Different cultures have different definitions of pornography. What's acceptable in one culture is unacceptable in another.

The pastor father of "family values" senator Ted Cruz is a known pornography enthusiast had his account hacked.[1]

Unexpected images of hard-core pornography are also known as shock images. Pornography can do harm if people act out violent images. Some people become obsessed with porn collecting ever more of it and viewing it obsessively. If they weren't viewing porn perhaps they would develop other obsessions like making heavy sexual demands on their partners. We don't know.

Pornography in modern America comes in two forms. These include the internet free samples expensive internet porn, and the purchased DVD from the adult video store. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In some communities, Social Conservatives try to shut down the adult video stores. This is an example of Conservative hypocrisy, since all Neocons are believers in free market capitalism.

Surprisingly enough, despite biblical morality and family values being more associated with Conservatism, conservatives tend to spend more on porn than liberals.[2][3][4]

Porn depicting consensual adult sex does little harm in moderation provided it doesn't become an obsession. Remember: real sexual partners are human beings with feelings and should be treated with more consideration than porn images.


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