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"“I’ve just been talking to Jesus and he says would you like to go to heaven?” said the priest. Then he asked, “Do you love your mummy?” Yes Father. “Do you love your daddy?” Yes Father. “Do you love me? Because this is our little secret and you mustn’t tell your mummy or daddy or you will go to the burny fire.” (...) [Later a different priest abused the same boy] “I want you to do for me what you have done for your parish priest,” he said. Then he raped him. Afterwards, he tried to quieten the child’s tears before his mother returned. “God doesn’t like boys who cry. Be a soldier of Christ.”"- [1]

The Priest Child Molestation Scandal came about because obviously not all Roman Catholic priests monks and even nuns have the will power to stay celibate. There have been acts of Paedophile behavior by the priests of the Roman Catholic church. Lawsuits from all over the world where Catholic churches are, were filed. Countries include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Ireland, and France.

Healthy sex

Some priests, monks and nuns engage in what would normally be considered healthy relations with consenting adults, however if caught, they are typically defrocked.

Bad sex

Sadly there are worse cases, far too often Roman Catholic priests have been caught with their trousers down abusing kids or adolescents, other times Roman Catholic priests even lift their cassocks to abuse an altar boy for example, just before or just after a religious service.

Victims of priestly paedophilia sometimes suffer lifelong psychological damage.

Church reaction

These perpetrators of a terrible crime tend to keep their jobs, and their bosses who played a part in the cover up get sinecures at the Vatican as a reward, Cardinal Bernard Francis Law of the Boston Archdiocese, specifically. [2] Cardinal Cardinal Roger Mahony helped to select Pope Francis although he shielded abusing priests from the law. [3] Ordinary American Roman Catholics feel this is plain wrong. [4] [5]

At least one 14 year old was subjected to grueling questions about abuse and his reactions to it that likely added to the psychological harm. The prurient questions supposedly Celibate Monks asked a youngster who was already traumatised make Mark Foley look like a saint. [6][7] Far too often abusive priests were moved on to other parishes where parents didn't know they needed to protect their children from the monster priest. [8]


In the early 2000s a scandal broke that has rippled worldwide, involving Roman Catholic priests engaging in inappropriate activities with children who they had access to. Many cases were not prosecutable, as the evidence uncovered was from so long ago that the Statute of Limitations had expired. As a result of some of the cases, there was a push to alter these statutes so that molested children would have a chance, as adults, to testify and seek justice. [9]

Abusers and enablers

It is estimated that 2% or 6% [10] of Roman Catholic priests were/are abusers and Monks abuse as well. Many of the remaining 98% are enablers, they cover up abuse when they know or suspect it and allow abuse to continue. Non-Catholics can speculate on what “education” turns the devout but naive young men who enter Seminaries into mature priests willing to help abusers indirectly. Abusers are frequently acting under a compulsion, therefore though they are very dangerous people they may not be fully responsible for their actions. Enablers do not have this defense though they have the different defense that the Roman Catholic Church has brainwashed them.

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