A Privilege is right or relief from a duty which is granted or assumed, and is not available to every natural person. It may be contrasted to a natural or innate right, which is a right which resides in every natural person.

In societies where there's a hereditary aristocracy the nobility have privileges they don't deserve. In societies where there's too much inequality of wealth Rich People have privileges they don't deserve. It could even be the case that undeserved privilege is why Rich People have become rich.

.In most societies White people are privileged at least to some extent, hardly any societies have avoided Racism all together.

Modern Problems

Privilege is necessary. Societies need to be able to bestow some privileges in order to do certain things. Still, privilege can have unintended consequences.

Privilege is granted to serve a specific purpose in free societies. When privilege is allowed to continue beyond a limited time, or beyond the limited purpose, privilege can erode Freedom.

  • Law and order: Free societies customarily grant privileges of exercise of force and limitation of liability to their Judicial and Peace Officers while fulfilling their appointed duty. These grants of privilege are necessary, but must be carefully limited in order to prevent oppression of individual rights.
  • Public Projects: Free societies, especially those with limited governmental powers, have customarily granted privileges to Individuals or groups of individuals in order to complete public projects and projects of public benefit. These type of grants of privilege, though necessary, must be carefully monitored. These grants of privilege, when not carefully limited in scope and duration, can oppress individual rights, and result in great harm to the common welfare. It is from these grants of privilege, that modern Corporatism, and the unnatural accumulation of wealth and power in the hands of a few individuals has come. Perpetual grants of privilege are dangerous to individual rights and the common welfare, and demand our constant vigilance and careful attention to their restraint if we would maintain our freedom.

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