Propaganda can take many different forms, some good and some bad. Public relations is a Euphemism for Propaganda.

Bad propaganda

Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim Jong II, and every totalitarian regime ever have used Xenophobic, paranoid, and hawkish rhetoric to make the people their obedient little sheep who follow the dictator without question.

Good propaganda

Good propaganda presents the facts about things, or argue that the facts need to be presented. Good propaganda shows how Science, the Scientific method and Logic to gets to the Truth about the issue under discussion. The Guardian is an example of a Left Wing Newspaper with a reputation for accurate journalism.

Plutocrats and foreign politics

It must be remembered that political systems that threaten those currently in power, such as communism, can easily be demonized using propaganda. In capitalist countries such as the United States, it must be remembered that the plutocrats have a strong incentive to make these political and economic systems look as horrible as possible. This will turn the general populace off from these types of systems. If there were to be a revolution in a country such as the United States, the plutocrats would be under great threat. Presenting revolutionary ideas in a bad light prevents a revolution that would threaten their power from occurring.

Marxist-Leninist states

Even if a lot of these countries are and were oppressive, it should be remembered that the United States and capitalism has caused its fair share of oppression. In the United States, we learn that Marxist-Leninist states are evil dictatorships because of their single-party governments.

  1. On the one hand, a single-party state could also lead to a class system, with the party elite as the new upper class.
  2. On the other hand a capitalist plutocracy isn't completely free either. Rich vested interests use their money to favor political campaigns they like, and finance politicians they like. In the end laws passed and policy followed has a great deal to do with what vested interests want and less to do with what's good for ordinary people.

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