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Prostitution is sex for money rather than love or friendship. Conservatives are officially appalled at it. Really? Er... While many Republicans tend to speak out heavily against prostitution, there are known cases of them being later found using their services; see Sexual hypocrisy.


Men and some women are in the business, some call it the pimping business. The business involves a relationship between a client or clients (usually male) and a sex industry worker, known as a whore if female and a rent boy if male. The entrepreneur collects money from the whore, whose job it is to service the customers. In exchange the pimp does not beat the woman.

This is what is called doing business, collecting money from the whores. It should be legal like in the Netherlands and Las Vegas parts of Nevada where it's actually legalized. It would decrease human trafficking and make it easier for women to get protection from violent pimps. Many people, perhaps most people think prostitution is morally wrong but it can't be prevented. Legalization can put the business under government control preventing the worst abuses and providing tax revenues which would more than pay for the needed treatment and regulation.

Forced prostitution

Even in Liberal countries like the UK, criminals force women into prostitution which is a form of slavery. The police and the courts try and prevent it.

Anti-Slavery International welcomed the landmark decision by the High Court on the (19 February 2009 to compensate four Moldovan women trafficked into forced prostitution in the UK with more than £600,000 in damages, and called for the compensation of trafficked people to become part of mainstream criminal proceedings. [1]

This Lithuanian woman was lucky. The police found her, and some of those who exploited her were prosecuted. [2]

Chinese women are forced into prostitution in the US.


In China, prostitution is illegal. Marxists including the Chinese Communists see prostitution as a form of exploitation and rape which, for the most part, only exists because of underlying socioeconomic positions. In the Taiwan Province, prostitution is on-paper legal in "special zones," though no such special zones exist as of writing this.

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