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Protestantism started after a schism within Western Christianity initiated by numerous religious reformers in late mediaeval and early modern Europe. Protestant reformers were mostly disgusted with the level of corruption in the Roman Catholic Church. Historians refer to this schism as the Reformation. [1]


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Lutheranism is a large Protestant denomination with between 60 million and 70 million adherents. [2]


Calvinism was another important part of the early Protestant movement which started after Lutheranism. Calvinism still exists today.

Liberal protestants

Liberal Protestants like the Unitarian Universalists and the Anglicans (Episcopalians in the United States) are more sensible than the Roman Catholics, though they prefer Faith to Science.

Protestant fundamentalism

Protestant fundies include people who should be certified insane and institutionalized. They are the types who insist that the world was created in six days 6000 years ago and everything happened the way Genesis says. Protestant fundies also believe the Great Flood happened and Noah's Ark was real. Protestant fundies believe that every single word in the Bible is literally true as well. If you don’t believe that every single word of the Bible is literally true Protestant fundies expect that an infinitely loving God will torture you eternally in Hell for doubting his word. Well really? Protestant fundies see God as male.


Conservapedia is written by Protestant fundies. Everything else gets deleted. Conservapedia says that Protestantism is "the foundation of every stable government". Greeks? Romans? Egyptians? Ring a bell? I didn't think so. In return Conservapedia states that the United Kingdom has a Protestant, stable government. Well the British government is left leaning, even the UK Conservative Party is left leaning compared to the Republican Party in the USA. Hasn’t Conservapedia noticed?

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  • Cartharism One of many precursors to Protestantism


  1. There has been opposition to the Roman Catholic Church and schism throughout its history. The Gnostic heresy was one of many early examples. Orthodoxy was another. Cartharism and Waldensianism, which started roughly at the same time as the Eastern Orthodox Church were yet further schisms against the Roman Catholics. The Hussite movement which started round the 14th Century was another case in point.
  2. Lutheranism