A map of ancestries in the United States, from the 2000 census.

Race and ethnicity are ways of classifying humans based on ancestry. Race is a broader term, while ethnicity is generally a subcategory of race. Different races and ethnicities have differing physical characteristics, as well as different languages, religions, and cultures. There are also some ethnicities who have origins from multiple races, such as the Cape Coloureds of South Africa.

Classification and acceptance

Many humans look different but basically we’re similar. Note: this features only men, was there just that little bit of prejudice against women?

Humans are often classified into five different races: Europeans, Africans, Asians, Native Americans, and Australian Aborigines. This classification doesn't tell the whole story.

People accept or reject others based on external appearance though this doesn't always show the whole picture about a person's ancestry. Many people have admixture that doesn't show or that doesn't show unless you look carefully.


Tragically, there has been a large amount of racism in history. The effects of it still exist today. In the United States, African Americans are on average significantly poorer than European Americans. Black people were originally slaves. After the Civil War, rebellious States were required to Pass the 14th Amendment granting Black People equal citizenship. Black people didn't always have the legal right to vote until 1870, when the 15th Amendment was passed. Even then, people still prevented them from voting, through social pressure, literacy tests, and poll taxes. It was similar to how abortion is technically legal, but still forbidden, in many parts of the United States today.

The different peoples of the world need to tolerate one another.

Race and intelligence

Some conservatives, such as those on Metapedia, sometimes claim that different races have genetically different levels of intelligence. There is no known evidence that that is the case. If one points to the low level of progress in Africa as evidence, it must be remembered that Europe was the same way for a thousand years and Africal is developing fast. It must also be remembered that due to the racist policies of the past, black people in the United States have much less wealth than white people. As a result, African Americans can't afford to send their children to as good schools as white people can, see rich. With quality education, one is more accustomed to the topics covered in an IQ test. In Africa, it must also be remembered that health and nutrition could also play a role in mental development.

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