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The life and times of Radovan Karadzic's hair.

Radovan Karadzic was the first president of Republika Srpska, a political division in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Not known for his Muslim-loving antics, he is quoted to have said that he would wipe Bosnian-Serb Muslims from the face of the earth. Being a man of his word, Karadzic did indeed attempt aforementioned wiping, only to fail in the face of a NATO task force and a couple angry UN employees.

Upon failing, Karadzic quickly acquired the alias: "Santa Claus", and fled to the North Pole. However, he was soon captured by said UN employees due to wretched polar bear trickery, and is now boycotting his own trial.

Once Upon A Time, In Serbian-Occupied Bosnia

"Just a little housekeeping! CHAAAREG!!!1" ~ Bosnian Serb tank commander, shortly before being blown to smithereens by a NATO artillery shell


"Dammit, Ritchie, they're on to me!" Radovan Karadzic shouted to the ghostly apparition of Ritchie Valens, the famed rock singer and guardian angel of all convicted war criminals, as the canvas walls of the Serbian army tent shook on each impact of the NATO artillery shells.
"Well, maybe if you hadn't gone and killed all 'dem Muslim cats..." Ritchie Valens mused, while chewing thoughtfully on a guitar pick.
"Ah, shuddup! You were never any good when it came to preserving the Serbian race!" Radovan shouted, as he combed back his luscious silver quiff for the 50th time. "I just need to get out of here!"
"Well..." said Ritchie. "A buddy of mine has a plane he could get you out on."
"Oh, brilliant."

The tent's entrance flap flew open, and a Serbian soldier stood there, looking anxious. "Sir! The peasants are revolting!" he shouted, a split second before having his head blown off by a .308 round from a NATO sniper.
Radovan turned back to Ritchie. "Iowa, you say?"
"Just give me a second to grow an outrageously large amount of facial hair... and... okay, let's go."